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Are you considering window tinting for your car? Or are you looking for ways to maintain it for longer? Do you have the questions in mind like- is car window tinting important? Should I go for a professional car windows tinting service or try the DIYs? Where to get car window tinting in Dubai?

Well if you are pondering upon all of these, we are sure you have landed on the right page. We at ZDEGREE offer to provide you the best insights about car window tinting, and how to proceed with it.

Why do you need Car window tinting?

The first question which might be hovering on your mind is that is it necessary, is it worth the money spent? Here is ZDEGREE’s answer to your questions. You can consider your car windows tinted as it is an excellent way to preserve the aesthetics of your car’s interiors. This helps in a reduced amount of UV rays to enter the car as compared to a non-tinted window. It provides you maximum protection from the notorious UV rays which cause all the pigmented surfaces to fade away and many other damages.

Not just that, other than providing preventive, and protective measures for your car’s interior upholstery, this also adds on as an attractive feature for your vehicle. We do like our vehicles to look good, don’t we? Besides giving your car a sleek appearance, it also provides privacy from the onlookers.

Keep in mind the Car Window tinting laws

The point here is an important one before you go for the tinting. Whether you are going for professional tinting or using alternative options, you must take a look at the laws related to car window tinting. Every area/country has its own laws, and hence do remember to do a thorough check on what needs to be abided. This is why hiring a professional can be beneficial, as it saves you from any mistake. For instance, if you are getting your car window tinting done in Dubai by professionals, and service providers they are aware of which laws to adhere to, and educate the customers about the same.

Tips to prolong the life of your car tint.

Car window tinting Dubai

As a car owner, it is the priority that you protect and preserve your car well because nothing comes cheap nor the car neither the expenses on the servicing.

Make sure the tint has dried well, let them rest for at least 48 hours after installation. If the tint doesn’t dry properly it might have bubbles and air pockets in it which will not look very formidable for your car, we bet.

Let's start with the point of cleaning. Yes, even before you have got it tinted and later this is important. The tinting has to be done on a clean surface to avoid any bubble. However, newly tinted windows will demand some special attention. Always remember to use ammonia free cleaning agent and cloth wipes which are of soft fiber. The cleaning agent you are using has the major impact on the longevity of the tint.

Heat is another factor you should take care of, make sure to park your car in cold places, your car tint might get damaged easily if you are parking it regularly in an area which exposes it to too much heat.

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Try to get the car tinting done by the professional. And below are the reasons why it is important that you get it done by professionals.

Why it is important to go to a professional?

We know this must be a question occupying your mind, and you might think why do you need to reach out to the professionals and spend more money when there are DIY tinting kits available in the market? Why not do it on your own? The answer is the same for why you need a car wash done by experts rather than by yourself.

Experience matters, we at ZDEGREE believe in this entirely, the car care business is a lot about the experience and the efficiency. Hence, we will always recommend you to go for expert services. If you are looking for your car windows tinting done in Dubai any time sooner inquire about their proficiency. Most car wash and other care service providers offer you this service as well but you need to find the one with experts. This is important for flawless installation of the tint.

Another primary reason you should always go for experts regarding tinting is that, in case the installation process goes wrong you might end up in a soup. Why? Because the removal of a window tint is a messy affair. It is really hard and tedious to remove the tint to replace it.

Car Window Tinting

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Adding to the list why you should leave the tinting job on the professionals rather than getting tempted by the kits available in the market is the readily available tint films might not fulfill the credibility concerning quality. And there remains every possibility you might end up in doing it correctly. The expert will always take care of the tint film quality, they don’t want their services to be called out for not up to the mark, do they? And finally, they are equipped with the tint technology knowledge hence they will never fail to do it with perfection.

If you are going for the professionals for the tinting for your vehicle, you might like to choose your car window tinting done anywhere in UAE. But here is what ZDEGREE does for you. ZDEGREE, like it's any other service, promises to provide the best car window tinting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain. We use a premium quality window tints, which are capable of minimizing 90% of the heat and help you protect your dashboard, carpets, seats, and floor mats.

We know you love to take care of your car, and we are there to extend our services to you. Visit our website or directly call on this number 800 933 4733 (Timings: 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. Friday: 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm) (UAE Standard Time).

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