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Keeping a car clean might seem a bit obvious, but below we share why your vehicle should always be in top-top condition.

  • Safety – Accidents can happen at any time. Dirty windows reduce visibility. All cars have blindspots and visibility is further reduced if your vehicle is dirty. .
  • Health – The average person spends around 10 hours in a car every week. It is essentially another room in your house. So, it’s important to not just clean your car but also de-sanitized regularly, especially your AC system.
  • Paint Preservation – Washing and waxing your car isn’t an optional luxury in UAE. With the harsh sunlight and temperature, it’s mandatory, as direct sunlight, dust, and grime negatively affect your car’s paint. Remember, paint also protects the metal underneath. Thereby extending the life of your bodywork. So getting your car polished regularly protects your paint which in turn protects your car. 
  • Apperance – Lastly, nothing makes you smile more than a clean car.

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Our Maintenance Packages

Our services packages are designed so you remain worry free about your car service. Instead of worrying at each service interval, about your next service, with our service contract your service is covered for 20,000 km or 1 year. Our qualified technicians at our service centers in Al Quoz, DIP and City Walk only use OEM parts and Shell oil ensuring your car gets the best service possible, while also helping you save in the long run.

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