Long-journey Travel with the Ease of a Small Commute.

Providing customers with the best tyres and batteries, brakes, mechanical and electrical services, and auto parts. Individual and fleet passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4s, vans, light commercial vehicles, and trucks are all serviced by zDegree.

In the UAE, zDegree runs workshops in four distinct states. Dubai, Al-Ain, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

For your vehicle servicing needs in Dubai, UAE, zDegree also offers the Mobile Van Service for optimum convenience and quality at a competitive price.

Long-journey Travel with the Ease of a Small Commute.
We have the Tires/Tyres You Desire. Tire/Tyre Shadow

We have the Tyres You Desire.

We have the greatest tyres for your vehicle, whether you drive an Armstrong, Pirelli, or any other utility vehicle, delivering durability at an unbelievable price, whilst experiencing optimum performance and unfailing safety. With a broad selection of tyres from leading manufacturers all around the world, you may drive in every season or on any terrain.

Do you intend to go on an expedition? You can simply pick the best off-road tyres for your SUV at zDegree. The impressive performance allows you to travel off-road thanks to good handling, high endurance, and outstanding grip.

Recognizing that finding the correct tyre at the right price can be difficult for commercial van owners, considering the abundance of vendors and marketers ready to offer them. As a result, zDegree links you with the most reliable suppliers that offer the finest selection of tyres for all sorts of vehicles. zDegree provides 13 different tyre brands. As a consequence, you will never have to choose between your wallet and your performance.

Say Goodbye to Low Power.

To have your automobile inspected frequently in the UAE is essential for keeping a high-performing vehicle. Insufficient usage on the other hand, frequently result in a number of issues with the car's battery, which have a direct impact on the vehicle's condition and performance.

zDegree assures its customers of the most suitable battery replacement and maintenance for their vehicle.

Say Goodbye to Low Power.
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