Interior Detailing

AED 350.00 Upwards*

Caring vehicle’s interior is just as important as your exterior. Still, surface cleaning alone isn’t enough. Two to three times a year you need to detail the car to keep it looking its best.

What does the service include

All interior panels deep cleaned

Carpets deep cleaned and all seats deep cleaned

Seats, consoles, and other amenities may wear out just as rapidly as other critical sections of the vehicle if not properly maintained, lowering the total worth of the vehicle. Here are a few clear benefits of car interior detailing you might not know about:
1. Prevents Allergies and Other Health Concerns
If you think your 5-seater only fits five people, you might want to think again. Millions, if not billions, of invisible life forms, call your precious car home. Germs and allergies thrive in cars, whether you like it or not.
Too much, dust, or debris inside your automobile encourages these bacteria to spread. Thorough cleaning with vacuums and sterile wipes eliminates these particles and kills bacteria, which is why detailing your automobile is essential. So, if you are experiencing plenty of sniffles and sneezes, bring your car to Zdegree, The best Car detailing service in Dubai
2. Preserve or Increase Your Car's Resale Value
The resale value of your car is affected by factors such as age, mileage, and operation, but the interior condition is also significant. Auto interior detailing preserves your upholstery and keeps interior surfaces in pristine condition, giving your vehicle an overall showroom look. Professional detailers utilize specialized instruments, like steam cleaners and professional stain removing solutions to dramatically decrease the look of stains and old upholstery.
3. Removal of Stubborn Stains
For drivers who have fabric seats, removing trapped pet hair and eliminating water stains is critical. Similarly, making sure your leather upholstery is cleaned correctly and conditioned is similar to applying moisturizer to your skin. Both cleaning procedures help to protect and prevent future cracking or other types of damage. 
Having your car's interior detailed regularly can handle all those unattractive stains and help prevent them from happening by using the appropriate cleaning and maintenance chemicals for each surface in your vehicle.

4. Remove Nasty Odors
After years of usage, it's usual for vehicle interiors to develop musty or unpleasant odors. This is especially true if food has been spilled before or you're a fan of taking your dogs out for a ride.
Our detailers use powerful odor elimination chemicals in addition to removing odor-causing particles and stains to rid your automobile of undesirable odors. As a result, the inside of your car will have a fresh, clean scent that'll make your ride stress-free and refreshing.
Recommend twice a year

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