Major Service

AED 449 Onwards*

Every part needs to be in tip-top shape to run smoothly like any well-oiled machine. Servicing your car at regular intervals ensures that every part of the car works smoothly, improving the overall performance of the car. Major service is carried as per manufacturers specification 
  • 121-point check with detailed report Engine oil and filter (Fully synthetic shell oil) 
  • Air filter replacement/C filter replacement Software diagnostic report Battery test and report Tire rotation Wheel alignment check

What does the service include

Oil Change (Fully Synthetic 10,000km) With Oil Filter Replacement,

Air Filter Replacement/C Filter Replacement

All Vehicle Fluids Are Checked And Topped Up Including Transmission And Drivetrain

121-Point Car Inspection And Detailed Report

Tire Rotation (If Applicable)

Wheel Balancing (If Applicable)

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, it needs to be serviced regularly. At certain points in its lifetime, either after a specific period or a set number of kilometers, it will need either a minor or major service. 

Usually performed at 40,000km, 80,000km, and 100000km, a major service is a top-to-bottom check of all the components of your car, inside and out. Without a major service, you may find that your vehicle doesn’t run as efficiently or could even develop dangerous faults. A major car service is carried out by a qualified and highly experienced technician working from a manufacturer-approved checklist. A major service will include:

  A full electrical diagnostic to ensure all lights, electrical components, and systems such as ignition are in good working order. 
  1.      An ‘under-the-bonnet’ examination of the engine for signs of wear.
  2.      Checking and replacing all fluids including engine oil, transmission, brake fluid, coolant, and all relevant filters
  3.     Checking and replacing air filters for both the engine and the cabin
  4.       Full brake check including condition and replacement, if necessary, of brake pads, drums, hoses, discs and callipers
  5.     A comprehensive body and chassis check to look for signs of damage, rust, or corrosion
  6.     Inspect and replace, if necessary, all cables
  7.     Checking tyres and wheels, including inspecting rims for any signs of damage or cracking

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