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Pioneering Transformation in the Global Tyre Brands: Otani Tyres

Pioneering Transformation in the Global Tyre Brands: Otani Tyres

Otani Tyres has now emerged as the leading brand for diverse commercial tires amongst the top Global Tyre Brands. Tires, as we all are well aware, are the only component of the vehicle that touches the ground in actuality. Their significance as such cannot be overstated. 

A set of tires with good quality fitted to your vehicle are the foremost safety feature in reality. Tires are of diverse types each designed for functioning in a specific manner. This is based on the vehicle, the terrain on which it is driven, and the expected performance. 

The premier brand - Otani Tires

OTANI is an outstanding manufacturer of Truck Bus Bias and Radial Tires that are intended for diverse applications. These include on and off-road, long-haul, and mixed driving conditions. The company utilizes advanced technology and manufacturing techniques enhancing the satisfaction of customers. 

The manufacturing of Otani Tyres first commenced in Thailand its nation of origin. The brand today commands an exceptional reputation as it surpasses the satisfaction of customers through high performance and quality products. 

OTANI Bus and Truck tires are rugged and robust. These offer opportunities for multiple retreads resulting in lower cost/kilometer. It thus optimizes and prolongs the tires’ lifespan.  

The foundation and early period 

The OTANI brand was established by Dr. Kiatichai in 1964 through a small outlet in Thailand’s Ubon Ratchathani. This soon developed into Otani Tire Co. Limited that manufactured diverse kinds of commercial bias tires, flaps, tubes, and pre-cure treads for a retread.

Otani Tyres commenced exporting tires in 1987 and the first nation of export was Pakistan. In 2008 the company began producing the 45/65-45 tires. This was the largest tire being offered by the industry players across the entire South East market. The production of passenger car radial tires was commenced by Otani Radial in 2017. 

The latest state of affairs 

Brand OTANI is immensely popular today in the global automotive market. It has significantly expanded with its sales increasing in all continents via reputed distributors. 

The company is now expanding into the consumer sectors as well while its past focus was on Bus/truck, OTR, and Agricultural tires. The consumer tire program was launched by Otani in September 2017 in its home market. It now offers 4 tread patterns for light trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars. Otani has also sought to expand its presence in the US. It ramped up the capacity of the Radial Tire Plant that it had set up in 2017. 

R&D Scenario 

Utmost emphasis is laid on Research & Development by OTANI for its portfolio of products. Thus, Engineers customize the tread designs for suiting requirements of particular markets. The company divests millions of dollars worth funds annually for constant improvement of its product range. 

The highly regulated quality control process at Otani ensures that the tires undergo an extensive process of quality check. It includes X-ray inspection and 100% shearography. It has currently a manufacturing ability of many thousands of tires every day. Its expansion plans intend at doubling this capacity in a short period. 

The 3 chief types of Otani Tires


Otani’s SA1000 is a flexible tire offering advanced comfort without compromising on the grip and performance. Its tread design is specially engineered delivering precise handling, control, and stability even at higher speeds. Optimized pitch variations provide lowered noise and enhanced driving comfort. Treads with distinct sipes offer all-weather amazing stability and grip. 


Otani’s EK1000 offers great value and uncompromised tire performance as well as comfort. Tread having asymmetrical design offers an amazing grip on both wet and dry conditions. The tread compound is specially engineered delivering matchless driving comfort at high speed. A silent drive is enabled through the low noise groove design. 


Otani’s KC2000 is a sporty offering with those for the enthusiasm for racing. It is manufactured with sporty asymmetrical tread design for offering you excellent stability even at great speeds. Its unique tread compound takes care of the aspect of safety. This is by enabling higher fuel efficiency and shorter braking distance. 

ZDEGREE – Your reliable automotive partner for Otani Tires

Join ZDEGREE’s endless list of happy clientele by buying Otani tires online through us. We are the leading digital tire dealer for these tires having an outstanding reputation. 

Thailand based Otani Tire Co. Limited excels in the manufacturing of diverse PCR tires. Its tires are produced through extensive research for cost reduction. This is without compromising on the matchless performance for your daily travel needs. 

We are a reliable dealer for Otani brand in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain. Buy tires online through ZDEGREE and the Otani tyre price will surprise you. You can avail of amazing deals through online purchases with us including on Otani SA1000, EK1000, and KC2000. We will deliver your preferred tires at your doorstep as well! 


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