Are you looking for your Car/vehicle’s AC Maintenance in Dubai?

Many of you would be looking for your vehicle’s AC Maintenance Dubai as it is common for ACs to breakdown in extreme summer pressure or otherwise. It is hard to imagine driving a car or a vehicle in the UAE without Air Conditioning system. 

You will find that after some months or years perhaps that the efficiency of your vehicle’s AC is decreasing. You might even have felt mild suffocation when the AC is on. This is the time when you would be looking for your vehicle’s AC Maintenance Dubai. It is recommended that you get your vehicle’s AC serviced at the earliest before it strains itself further,

The components of the AC system 

Your Car’s or vehicle’s AC consists basically of 5 chief components that keep them cool in summers and warm in winters. These components are: 

  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Orifice Tube or Expansion Valve
  • Receiver Dryer or Accumulator
  • Evaporator

The signs indicating that a vehicle’s AC needs service 

A few major indications that signal service requirement for your Car AC repair Abu Dhabi are: 

  • Start your vehicle/car and turn the AC on the maximum output when the engine is adequately warmed. Cautiously hear and observe for any odd sounds coming out from the AC system.
  • Confirm if the level at which AC level is set and air pressure are in sync with each other. See if the AC is emanating too cold air. In both cases, AC requires service. 
  • The smell is one more indicator. Check for any odd smell coming out from the vents. If yes, then the AC system has a leakage perhaps. 
  • Finally, check the compressor. A properly working compressor will give out a clicking sound. If there are other sounds, then the compressor needs to be repaired or replaced. 

The frequency for AC service 

It is advisable to get the AC examined each time you get your vehicle or Car serviced. You will have to get it serviced if there are any issues in the AC unit. On average, the AC must be serviced once a year. 

The symptoms of an overcharged AC system 

Sometimes there are also chances that you would have opted for AC repair Dubai and experience that cooling is higher than required. The Technician may have perhaps filled more amount of Freon than required.

In short, it means that the AC system of your car or vehicle is overcharged. It is thus essential that you always avail services from reputed and professional vehicle AC service providers. 

The refrigerant used for vehicle AC system

Diverse types of refrigerants are used in the AC for cars and vehicles. Earlier, Freon R-12 was being used and later discontinued. This was because it was learned that R-12 results in the depletion of the ozone layer. 

Currently, Freon R-134A is being used in the AC system. It is an efficient refrigerant that does not damage the Ozone layer. 

 A dirty Air Filter can cause AC not to cool

If the Air Filter is not free of dirt, the flow of air is restricted and it surely decreases the efficiency as well. Air filter not being clean means a collection of allergens. These will cause health hazards when they gain entry through the air. It is thus highly recommended that you must get the air filter examined regularly. 

The performance and cooling are severely affected by a clogged AC filter. You must get it replaced if the filter is heavily clogged. 

Automotive Experts recommend that you must regularly consult a reputed and authorized service centre. This is regarding the condition of your car or vehicle’s cooling system. 

The exhaustive range of vehicular AC services at MYZDEGREE 

ZDEGREE offers you a comprehensive range of AC services for passenger and commercial/fleet vehicles. If you are seeking Car AC repair near me you must check our expert services. 

All vehicles that have an AC system must be checked minimum once annually at authorized service centers. Apart from diverse reasons, one factor is also that yearly the system loses around 8% of the refrigerant. 

The condition of another crucial part that wears out and requires to be checked is the Dryer. It is responsible for moisture extraction from the circulation of refrigerant and decreasing mechanical wear. It also has a limited service life as in the case of the Engine Oil filter. 

The performance of AC is checked by skilled Auto Technicians at ZDEGREE. They will examine the AC system of your vehicle for any leakage of refrigerant and repair it as well for avoiding further problems. 

Our AC maintenance Dubai and AC Services include: 

  • A/C Performance Test 
  • A/C components Test
  • A/C fitting Test
  • Refrigerant Leakage Test

You can be assured to receive the best priced and excellent AC Repair Service at ZDEGREE. We are one of the leading dealers for Cars, trucks, bikes tires and batteries in Dubai and we are also famous for providing various car care services.

Planning to buy tyres in Dubai or anywhere across UAE, visit our website or directly call on this number 800 933 4733 (Timings: 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. Friday: 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm) (UAE Standard Time).

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