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Are you thinking about replacing your car battery? Is it time for you to get a new battery already? Are you wondering which car battery has the best performance and what are the best car battery brands in UAE? Surely then this blog is for you. But before you decide upon the car batteries here are a few things you should know before replacing your car battery.

When to replace your car battery?

Let us begin with the basic question - when to replace your car battery? The best of the car batteries come with a life span of three to five years. So, always keep a note of the time you changed your car battery last. Don’t wait till the battery is complete dead to get it replaced. Here a are a few things you might notice as the signs of a weak battery:

  • Bloating in the battery case
  • Slow engine crank
  • Leakage of the battery fluid
  • You might also check your engine light.

These are the common warning signs that the battery needs a replacement, but if you see no sign and it is already long enough for the battery life, get the battery inspected. This might help you in knowing whether or not a replacement is needed. We at ZDEGREE have a complete car battery maintenance service for our clients. We have a team of experts to check your car battery thoroughly and help you with their valuable insights on how can you look after your car battery.

car battery brands in uae,

Which is the best car battery to buy?

If you have noticed any of the symptoms of your car battery going dead or have got it inspected and are sure it does need a changing, the next step is to decide which battery to buy. You might have your preferences already. And if you are looking for the best car battery brands in UAE you will obviously find a long list of it.

But before you make your final decision, we would recommend you to understand the need of your car and which battery will suit your vehicle’s need. This is why we at ZDEGREE have the variety of the best car battery range such as the Zeetex, ACDelco, Amaron, Bosch and Exide. We aim to provide the best to our customers.

Now coming to the primary question, which is the best car battery to buy or which are the best car battery brands in the UAE, we would like to answer that there is no such single battery brand which can be named as the best. Yes, there are a list of premium brands which we have already mentioned the names for you. Also, it depends on the car model, the usage, how often do you drive your vehicle or even don’t drive.

The quality and features of the battery also depends on where it is manufactured. And by this we mean, for example a UAE based manufacturer will understand the climate, the road conditions and other demographics such as what kind of vehicles are more popular in UAE etc. These are some of the important points of consideration for a battery manufacturer. But that does not mean you cannot buy a battery produced in some other country as research is the key in making these products and most companies invests heavily in that.

Points to consider before buying a new car battery?

Now before you decide which car battery is the best or what is the best car battery brand in UAE, here are a few points to consider before getting a new one.

  1. Size of the battery

Car batteries are divided into groups according to their size- length, width and height. You can find out which fits your car by going through the user manual or consulting with your car battery replacement service provider.

  • Reserve capacity

The reserve capacity of a car battery means how long can the battery sustain on its own without getting discharged or without the engine being running.

  • Battery freshness

Battery freshness means how old is the battery from the day of manufacturing, it is generally recommended not to buy a car battery which is more than six months old from its manufacturing date.

  • Maintenace type

Maintenace type of a car battery implies the two categories – maintenance free car batteries and the low maintenance batteries. The maintenance free batteries are the ones which are sealed completely and the liquid can run throughout the battery life and doesn’t require replacement. And the low maintenance is the one with unsealed caps which needs to add distilled water occasionally.

  • Warranties

Warranty is an important point of consideration while buying a car battery, and it is advised you buy a car battery with longer period of free replacement. After all it is your money.

And just in case you are looking for some extra warranty on your car battery you can check ZDEGREE’s latest offer. We are offering a 12+3 months of extended warranty on selected battery brands. This is a limited period offer under which you receive 100% free replacement for your battery and in the extended three months period you have to pay only 50% of the replacement cost*

Now you know what to look for before you go and finalize your car battery replacement. But if you are still confused or need any help regarding the car battery replacement you can consult our experts or even book an appointment. Or simply call us @ 800 933 4733

We at ZDEGREE offer a complete car battery replacement service in all our fitting centers across UAE, we even have our mobile van service, all you need to do is call us and share your location and we will reach you to fix your car.  

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