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6 mistakes most car repair garages often make!

6 mistakes most car repair garages often make!

Cars are one of the most expensive investments and people want them to last for long. Most of them thus want to extend the lives of their cars by not overlooking the small details. Although car breakdown is quite a common thing people face irrespective of time and place, still it remains a nightmare for most of the car owners due to lack of preparation. When the situation creates a panic condition, comes the car doctor. Yes, it's the car repair garage. And what is a car repair garage to most of the people?  A genuine solution to all the vehicle’s problems. From an oil change service to car detailing, from fitting new tires to the car to giving the car an AC service, a car repair garage cares for their customer’s car in every way to help them keep their car moving. People who went for car repair garages do not like the service for various reasons, while many of them found ZDEGREE services to be good that could satisfy the customer’s needs. When we tried to know what exactly the customers have experienced in different car repair garages in Dubai, and what mistakes they think car repair garages make, to our surprise many customers came out with different replies! 

Car Repair garage

6 mistakes which most car repair garages make

  1. Undergone an improper diagnosis.

The advancement of technology is highly complex, computerized and ever-changing. Thus today’s new car engines don’t even resemble the past ones. The latest car engine control unit contains sensors to continuously check the acceleration, shifting, temperature, and the function of virtually every part of the vehicle. According to the customers, because of this advancement in technology, most car repair garages could no longer fiddle with an engine, changing parts is usually the solution. As a result, the car repair garage has misdiagnosed the problem due to which the customer had to experience a huge expense. 

2.No test drives done after completing the vehicle repairs!

This may sound silly, but according to many customers, most of the car repair garages did not perform the test drive after completing the car repair. They probably think a test drive is simply a waste of time. Thus neither the car repair garage performs the test drive as a part of their diagnostic process to understand what is really wrong, nor do they drive it after the repair is done.

3. Poor quality work.

Authorized or not, most of the auto repair garages don't understand what it really takes to fix a car for good, not just a short term fix. This happens due to many reasons. Some auto repair garages customers went to, had no modern diagnostic equipment, the mechanics were ill-experienced and used parts that did not fit properly and above all they did sloppy work. Moreover, they tried to attempt to perform computer repairs that they were completely unaware of. 

4. Performed Unauthorized Repairs

Most of the times’ car repair garages without taking the customer’s permission, repair all those parts of the car that is either not required or is not necessary at all.  They do this to demand extra money for the extra repair they have done. So, before going for any local car repair garage check whether they perform authorized repairs. One way to do that is to check the reviews for their work. 

5. They were being over-confident! 

It’s important to have a trained mechanic who is confident in both his skills and abilities. But sometimes overconfidence can cause more harm to a vehicle than good. Customers have seen that when a mechanic gets stuck while performing a diagnosis or repair, they hesitate to ask for help from a car mechanic who is more experienced. Instead they just try to convince the customer they did the right thing. 

6.They failed to keep the client’s needs in mind

In most of the car repair garages, mechanics are not allowed to communicate with clients directly. In such cases, shop managers and service advisors are the main points of contact for the client. Thus, it’s very much important for mechanics to know that clients generally expect 4 things from a car repair garage while getting their vehicles serviced:

  1. Fast service, which would get them back on the road as quickly as possible.
  2. Quality service
  3. Skilled repair work and
  4. Trustworthy service

Due to the underperformance of most of the car repair garages, in one of these three areas, have left the customers with disappointment and dissatisfaction. 

These are a few mistakes made by some of the car repair garages that have impacted their success, and their employer’s reputation. But most of the customers are happy and satisfied with the quality of service rendered to them at ZDEGREE. We are proud to state that we deliver the same quality of service to our clients as we commit from our ZDEGREE branch of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. Our clients and customers have started appreciating and giving positive reviews on the kind of car repair service and performance we provide. From providing people with online service at their doorstep to meeting customers’ needs, from having well trained and professional mechanics to meeting the deliverables on time, we do everything to make our customers happy and content. We have now become the most trusted car repair garage in the UAE, who help you to hit the road with full confidence.! Click here to get in touch with us!   Do leave a review after taking our service! 

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