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Zeetex: A renowned brand for both tires and batteries!

Zeetex: A renowned brand for both tires and batteries!

Gone are the days when people had to choose which brand of car tyres and the car batteries would be the best for their cars. Since Zeetex has started ruling over the marketplace, people have started getting a clear picture of exactly which brand one needs to get the best performance of the car. Usually, your car is the second most expensive thing after your home. Just as a  human being, needs both the heart and the brain for the body to function properly, the same way a car needs both the right car battery and the right car tyres in order to give the smooth performance and better service life. So why buy a not so good car battery and tyre and compromise on the performance and quality? Instead, pick the best tyres and batteries for your expensive member of your family from Zeetex- one of the best quality manufacturers of car tires and car batteries from a long time now.

There are many customers who still take pride in Zeetex tires and batteries and enjoy the sheer driving experience. But there are many who are unaware of this amazing brand. Read more as this can help you to know Zeetex even better and can help you discover the joy of riding the next time!

Zeetex is a remarkable company that not only specializes in manufacturing excellent quality tires but is popular for its reliable batteries for vehicles. Zeetex, manufactures tyres and batteries with a variety of designs and patterns that are suitable for varying needs. Be it a commercial fleet or residential vehicle. You can find tyres and batteries that are the best fit for your cars. 

What fascinates people to choose Zeetex Tires and Batteries

  • Zeetex Battery :

They follow seamless technology to bring a wide range of batteries for automotive and other industrial uses where quality is taken care of by their trained designers that help them improve on their products in a better and efficient way. Zeetex, provides batteries at an affordable price so that it's easier for one to select a high-quality Zeetex battery over other brands. 

  • What is Zeetex battery made up of?

Zeetex battery comprises calcium, tin, and lead, which makes them highly resistant to corrosion and lasts up to 3 times longer than usual. They also provide you with a strong charging ability, even during the excessive heat. The most interesting fact is that these batteries have a mounted hydrometer that allows you to check the status of the batteries. Even the alloy grids of the battery prevent corrosion and extend its service life.

  • Zeetex tyres

Zeetex is the best tyre brand that manufactures tyres for a wide range of vehicle categories around the world. They have a set of specialized engineers who focus on delivering exemplary tires to consumers by using computer simulation techniques. Zeetex has a wide variety of tires ranging from sports car enthusiasts to off-roading and all-wheel drives to everyday commuters. It’s always better to have the details on everything you buy, especially when it’s for your car. 

  • How are Zeetex tyres designed?

All ZEETEX tires are made using high-quality raw materials and automated processes. They believe in ‘safety is the first priority’, and thus have come up with the unique technology that includes high tensile steel layer belts at angles optimized for safety, a triple tread compound that uses silica, an ingredient found in most premium tyre brands, as well as jointless bead wires and nylon to enhance stability. In addition to our cutting edge manufacturing processes, ZEETEX tyres undergo additional testing in world-renowned testing facilities such as IDIADA, Test World, and Smithers. We make sure that the Zeetex tires are thoroughly tested on parameters such as noise, mileage, rolling resistance, wet and dry braking, and aquaplaning, to ensure they meet and exceed these parameters before they enter the marketplace.

How are they different from the other brands?

Be it choosing the best car battery or the best car tyres, Zeetex will always remain the customer’s first choice because of its unique technology. From providing better control, safety assurance in terms of tyres to providing you with quality batteries that work both on & off-road, high-speed highway or heavy-duty industrial operations, Zeetex gives you the ultimate performance that you might not have experienced before.

Their mission is to offer the drivers a value-driven experience without compromising on safety and performance, which has led them to witness growth at a tremendous pace. You can always trust them as Zeetex have the following certifications: DOT (USA), E MARK (Europe), REACH (Europe), INMETRO (Brazil), GSO (Gulf), SONCAP (Nigeria), SNI (Indonesia), SASO (Saudi Arabia).

All this while we have been detailing to you about how Zeetex differs from the other brands and why they are one of the best brands for your car’s tyres and batteries. Now the question arises: how would you buy tyres and batteries if the auto workshop you choose is miles away from your location? All you need to do is click here to order the Zeetex online battery and know its price. Searching for the Zeetex tyres and batteries is made easy through ZDEGREE, we are an authorized tire and battery dealer of Zeetex and also a leading car service company with centers in  Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. You can easily select and choose the highest performing car tyre and the best battery model for your car, or call us and we will be more than happy to help you select one. If you are looking for any Zeetex tyres offers, quickly click here to avail the offer. 

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