Mechanical Services

Your car starts every day without fail because it’s mechanically working fine. There’s no magic to making sure your car is reliable every day. All you have to do is maintain it properly and ensure it’s taken care at a car garage near you. The workshop you choose must have state of the art tools and car mechanics that are certified and only use genuine parts.

Car Repair & Maintenance In Dubai

At zDegree, we pride ourselves for being rated the best car service center in Dubai and providing top car services Dubai. All vehicles that visit us first undergo a computer diagnosis where we diagnose any electrical faults. Then our technicians comb through every inch of your vehicle to find any mechanical or physical issue. Then we share a detailed report with you and when you are clear on the issue then we start the auto repair.

To avail best car maintenance UAE service, you must opt for a reliable, affordable and expert car service garage like zDegree. In order to ensure best car maintenance UAE services, we use OEM parts and oil for servicing your car so that we can ensure that our clients get best car service experience in the UAE at competitive prices.

At zDegree we take care of all your auto mechanical needs for passenger and fleet/commercial vehicles.

We offer a comprehensive list of mechanical services right from the alignments and brake adjustments to A/C repair and professional car detailing, ensuring your control over your vehicle. Our state-of-the-art service center will resolve your car's all mechanical issues at quite an affordable price. Our expert mechanics will improve your vehicle's performance by full diagnostics and auto mechanical repairs.

Car Repair Dubai

Car is the most important possession for individuals irrespective of car brand or model and they look forward to get the best car maintenance for their cars. ‘zDegree’ is an authorized car service center Dubai that deals in all cars and models. ZDegree is a well-known and acclaimed car service company in the UAE with its car workshop in Al Quoz and car workshop Mussafah, City Walk, Al Ain & DIP.

Car Workshop In Mussafah

zDegree is on a mission to expand its business and be available at multiple locations in the UAE so that its customers can find the reliable mechanic for car services. ‘zDegree’ has a team of technicians, car specialists, local garages and car mechanics in the UAE to perform car mechanical and electrical repair services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. ‘zDegree’ has best car workshop in Mussafah to help you get best car services in the UAE. At zDegree, our staff and expert technicians take care of your car needs by monitoring it and ensuring that they deliver top-quality car repair services whenever you visit any of zDegree service garages in UAE.

Mechanical Service

Our car workshop in Dubai is located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 and has all the latest German diagnostic tools to locate any issues you might have. We are all over UAE so there’s a car workshop in Dubai, car workshop Mussafah, Abu Dhabi and in Al Ain. Rest be assured that wherever you are, there’s always a zDegree car workshop near you to assist you with any car maintenance needs in UAE.

Call us at: 800 933 4733 to book your vehicle maintenance and repair needs in Dubai, UAE

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