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Metzeler Tyres -  Where passion meets reliability!

Metzeler Tyres - Where passion meets reliability!

Motorcycle riding is never about the commute, but always about the freedom to ride, the sense of elation and free spirit. And every rider out there exhibits this passion and makes their motorcycles an extension of their own personality. And Metzeler tyres understand the intangible reasons for bikers to risk the road with their motorcycles.

As the people at Metzeler Tyres are Bikers First. This spirit of authentic two-wheel passion is embedded in all their products and drives their research to get the optimum rubber compounds that are able to bring out the best tyres for the road and amplify the performance of the bikes to the max possible extent. Innovative tread designs and the introduction of new rubber compounds are as a result of this German brand being at the forefront of technical development.

Metzeler Tires are an easy choice for many riders across the spectrum of riders to racers, these tyres are opted by discerning customers for the performance they offer without compromising the safety and reliability factors.

Their wide range in motorcycle tyres includes Racing and sports, Touring, Cruising and heavy tourers. Adventure and touring, Off Roading and even the Scooter and moped segment. 

One might wonder about the importance of Metzeler tyres’ presence in the UAE. Just as the UAE is synonymous with fast and luxury cars, they also are well known for their motorcyclists. The countless numbers of expats and tourists that visit the country love to ride around in the bikes and tourers in the mild summer days.

Their best offerings in each category are available with ZDegree. You can shop them online as well and have it delivered to your choice of a location anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. 

In the Adventure & Touring segment, Metzeler tyres have Karoo 3 for complete enduro offroading rides.

Karoo 3

The Karoo 3 by Metzeler Tires is your best companion on off-roading adventure rides. It truly lets you lose yourself through the wonders of nature and have an adventure with no limits. The Karoo 3 is as versatile as it gets when it comes to offroading with a fully loaded bike. It’s just you and solitude for miles to come. It features rally-raid off-road traction and high-speed stability with excellent adventure mileage even when fully loaded.

An off-road tire is characterized by its ability to grip any terrain, the Metzeler Karoo 3 has key features and specialized block design coupled with a stiff carcass that lends perfect stability at high speeds with a passenger and luggage. Extra central blocks to improve mileage, stability with the increased gripping edges, lateral blocks to increase the footprint area, grip, and stability while leaning. These blocks are V-shaped to offer wear regularity, off-road traction in different conditions, especially those found in the long-distance rally raids on sandy, clayey and hard-packed paths. The longitudinal and transverse grooves are self-cleaning evacuate the mud and dirt quickly to grip better. 

In the Cruising and Heavy Tourers, the ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA is a great tyre to bank on.

ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA: Finest Metzeler Tyres

Metzeler’s most enduring motorcycle tyres for the long cruises along meandering roads up and down the country is the ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA. Engineered for mainly two things -  long durability and excellent grip.

MetZeler Tyres

Metzeler’s engineers have used all the technological advances at their disposal to achieve these two specifications, by enhancing the tyre characteristics that deliver outstanding wear resistance and traction that holds the terrain even with wet conditions. 

The shape of the tire is wider and flat, in order to dissipate the stress generated by the tyres’ footprint, to reduce long-distance fatigue and wear. To increase wear regularity, the transversal grooves of the tread pattern are discontinued by ‘compound bridges’, resulting in a more solid and stiffer tread design that reduces the stress transmitted to the belts and carcass plies.

ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA’s tread pattern has evolved from the ME 888 to ensure a high level of water evacuation whilst increasing wear uniformity. Optimized silica in the compound formulation ensures a chemical grip on wet surfaces.

Metzeler Tyres are consequently growing and you can buy these super tyres from Zdegree website.

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