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For a great customized look for your car - Get Nitto Tyres

For a great customized look for your car - Get Nitto Tyres

Car enthusiasts can be segregated in two ways - those who maintain car in-stock conditions. Ensure all the original parts are well taken care of and will go to any length to find the original equipment parts for their car to keep it functioning like the day it rolled out of the dealership. They even make sure, the paint job on the car is in top condition.

Nitto Tyres

And the other section of car enthusiasts includes those who love to showcase their personalities through their cars. They love to modify and customize their cars to an extreme level, where it wouldn’t even resemble the original car at any angle possible. More often, changing the car’s paint job in addition to changing the tires and rims will bring in a whole new look to the car. And If you are on the lookout for stand-out tires to enhance the look and performance of your car.  Then look no further - Nitto tyres, true to their tagline - ‘fueled by enthusiasts’ offer excellent performance tires that not only enhance the performance of the vehicle, they also look great while doing so.

Nitto tyres provide the perfect style quotient to give you that, envious second-look when you take your favourite customized car for a spin through the main streets. 

Nitto tire’s competition tires and Passenger tires exemplify their performance characteristics while looking great on any car.

In the Passenger Segment of Nitto Tyres:

Nitto’s Invo 

Nitto’s Invo is a luxury sport ultra high-performance tire. Made to deliver high performance with a good blend of comfort and noise reduction. Invo tire line-up was specifically developed for staggered sized applications commonly found on luxury and high-performance vehicles. Digitally designed tread patterns and shoulder blocks have been engineered to bring about the best in all parameters. The outer shoulder block along with the continuous single rib provides constant surface contact with the road enabling excellent dry traction and better cornering, along with rigidity. The two circumferential grooves help is water evacuation thereby enhancing wet traction. It has 3D multi-wave sipes that help in breaking the water layer and improve traction. During breaking the sipes lock together to create a single solid block and provide traction when driving at high speeds. Silica-reinforced tread compound strengthens blocks to reduce tread flex for improved acceleration, handling, and braking. Invo is not just a great performing tire, but it has been optimized to reduce the perceived noise in the cabin, to let you listen to what is important to you. The revving noise in your sports car.

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 Nitto NT830

The Nitto NT830 is engineered with a unique futuristic tread design pattern which not only delivers exceptional dry and wet traction on the road but also improves the driving comfort by reducing the noise generated at the tire. This all-season tire integrates superior wet traction with its advanced tread and sipes design, which helps with drainage of water away from the tire, giving protection from aquaplaning. The sipes design is integrated so as to lock together to create a single thread block for effective braking and provides excellent grip while accelerating, offers better handling while Futuristic tread patterns integrate notched grooves, which reduces the pipe resonance created at the tire, which thereby reduces the howling noise. Nitto’s NT830 is your best bet for tires for all round the year performance along with improved comfort, no matter the season.

In the competition Nitto tyres segment:

Nitto Nt01

Nitto NT01 is a DOT Compliant competition road course tire. It delivers above par dry performance while balancing it well with superior consistency, stability, heat cycle, longevity, and performance. Designed for the weekend track racer as well as the professional road racer. The large shoulder block ensures maximum contact patch with the road while accelerating, braking and cornering. When on the racing track, you can be assured of the NT01 predictable consistency. The engineers who created the NT01 have identified a combination of construction and compound features that reduces the negative effects of heat buildup. Steel reinforced sidewall along with body-ply construction will give the confidence to push the limits on the tracks.

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The slicks of Nitto tires are engineered in such a way that it provides maximum performance to complement the power of your vehicle. It is manufactured and developed through entire extensive computer simulation modelling and on-track testing. The rigorous process of R&D has helped the industry to improvise on a street tire that provides precise and responsive handling and performance. These Nitto slicks are designed in such a way that they match up the tread design and sizes to fit the modern performance vehicle. Moreover, these Nitto slicks tyres come up with firm stability, performs great in dry road conditions, provide traction and high-speed capabilities. 

And at ZDegree we are committed to offering you the best Nitto Tyres service in our center with our end to end services from tire purchase to delivery and fitment across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al - Ain through our mobile tire garage. 

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