Nitto Tires in UAE – Upgrade the performance

Dubai! The mention of desert utopia brings myriad visions to us and the most prominent one of them is the Sun, Sand, and Swift cars. There is no doubt that Dubai in the UAE is the mecca for top-line sports cars and luxury vehicle enthusiasts. A simple drive through its roads will bear witness to this statement. Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, McLaren and the list of luxury cars just keep adding on. Along with the top car manufacturers considering the middle east as a key market for them, the tires companies are not far behind. Big names that are an original equipment tire fitment for Topline cars like Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, etc are also keen in this market.

But, the downside to this car craze is the heat of Dubai, it is damaging, and downright punishing to the cars and the tires as well. Where a tires’ shelflife is about 5 years, in Dubai, tires can only be considered safe for up to 3 years from manufacturing and usage.

In such a scenario, tire issues become rampant which will warranty tire replacement at a shorter interval. Although car enthusiasts would like to go in for OE tires, they might consider enhancing the performance of the car by upgrading tires to higher tractable ones or tires with different tire tread compounds. Performance within an affordable range will definitely be a great choice for tire replacement.

The one brand of tire that pops in this range and performance up is Nitto tyres in Dubai. True to its tag line ‘fueled by enthusiasts’, it is the preferred brand of tires amongst racing enthusiasts, passionate about performance, who want to get some super-performing traction to elevate their everyday driving experience. From excellent passenger tires to exceptional competition tires, Nitto tires have the best to offer when it comes to great-performing tires whether it be on a trail or a track.

The passenger segment Nitto tires are manufactured in a state of the art facility, where engineering coupled with the latest tire technology is utilized to manufacture computer designed tread patterns and tread compounds to optimize the style and look of the tire while enhancing its traction and stability.

Nitto tyres in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi are known for the progressive tread designs that look radically different from their competitors. 

At ZDegree, we offer a wide range of Nitto tires for various segments. You can purchase them at great deals with good discounts through our physical store as well as through our online tire portal We ensure that the date of manufacturing is not past the six months range when you purchase the tires from us. Our Nitto tires service in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi includes tire inspection, tire fitment, wheel alignment, and tire balancing.

Two of the top-line Nitto tires that we have in our catalog are;


It delivers above par dry performance while balancing it well with superior consistency, stability, heat cycle, longevity, and performance. Perfectly designed for the weekend track racer as well as the professional road racer.

Nitto NT01 is optimized for dry performance with large tread blocks and sweeping lateral grooves. The large shoulder block ensures maximum contact patch with the road while accelerating, braking and cornering. When on the racing track, you can be assured of the NT01 predictable consistency. The engineers who created the NT01 have identified a combination of construction and compound features that reduces the negative effects of heat buildup. Steel reinforced sidewall along with body-ply construction will give the confidence to push the limits on the tracks.

Nitto NT05

Nitto’s NT05 is a max performance tire, made to enhance the power and confidence of your speedster car. Coupling the NT05 in the front with the NT05R for the rear axle will create a fluid and quick response to steering inputs. Nitto’s NT05 has a wide center rib flanked by large tread shoulder blocks separated by deep longitudinals grooves that have been aggressively engineered to give you precise and responsive handling, stability and performance. Wide contact patch with the center rib along with shoulder blocks delivers excellent dry traction. Even the tire tread compounds added with reinforced internal construction have been designed to ensure predictable cornering, handling, and excellent dry traction to inspire confidence and complement your powerful machine. Nitto NT05 is an excellent street tire to elevate your racing game. If you are looking to upgrade to nitto tyres in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, come by ZDegree

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