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Are you looking for a car workshop in Dubai?

Are you looking for a car workshop in Dubai?

A car is a symbol of pride and status for all of us. Nevertheless, owning a car comes with its requirements. You will need a trusted car workshop in Dubai in order to cater to these automotive necessities.

For most of us, the car has emerged as a crucial extension of us which is why it is essential to keep your car in the best running shape to ensure you can continue enjoying it daily. For this, you need to ensure you have a trusted garage that has all the right tools and provides the best service in Dubai.

Let us examine the importance of proper car maintenance:


All-inclusive car maintenance will help ensure that all the vital components of your vehicle are performing optimally. It will thus help in enhancing safety on the road while driving. It will help ensure your car runs smoothly and safely on the road.

 Basic maintenance might not prevent an accident but it can ensure the safety of yours as well as others on the road.

Increased reliability and performance 

Some of the components of your car are more exposed to being worn out. To ensure maximum performance of these parts make sure to have regular maintenance checks which will ensure that you are more confident about your vehicle when it comes to reliability and performance.

Save pricey repair costs 

The cost of repairing will vary based on your car make and model driving habits, and the diverse products and tools used at the garage.

For instance, if your car has incurred damage to the engine owing to a lack of basic maintenance, it can cost several thousand dirhams to repair. Having regular car service and maintenance checks can help you avoid potential expensive repairs in the future

Reduce roadside emergencies 

At one point we have all experienced having a flat tire on the road or Being stranded because of an overheated engine. Most often than not, these roadside emergencies can be avoided if you adhere to the regular maintenance schedule of your car. This will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run as you can avoid any unforeseeable expense.

Here are some essential tips for car maintenance: 

Engine oil Maintenance

Engine oil is like the blood that circulates inside the engine for keeping things intact and clean. Regularly changing the engine oil is quite crucial as it impacts the engine health. The level of the engine oil can be easily checked through the dipstick or digital display in the case of a digital gauge. It is recommended that you should get your engine oil regularly serviced at the manufacturer-recommended service intervals.

Check your Car Battery Health

Modern batteries are easy to maintain and you should check the terminals of your battery once in a while to check for any damage or rust and if so, need to clean frequently.

You should start and drive your car at least twice a week to ensure your battery retains a charge. If your car hasn’t been used for a long time, you can get the battery easily repaired or replaced at our workshop outlets located all across UAE car repair Al Quoz or other ZDEGREE outlets across UAE.

Check your Tire pressure regularly

Your car’s tire pressure should be checked once every 2 weeks. Your car’s handling will be affected and your fuel consumption will also increase if your tires are under-inflated. Moreover, it also reduces the life of your tires by wearing them out quicker than normal.

It is also unsafe to over-inflate your tires as they may burst due to the extreme heat in UAE. You must maintain your tire pressure as recommended by your manufacturer.

Your recommended tyre pressure can be located on the side of the driver’s  door and your car manual.

Check your Wheel Alignment

The correct wheel alignment will ensure that your car handles as it is meant to. The wheel alignment needs to be adjusted if your car drifts to the sides while you are driving in a straight line. It is advisable to visit an authorized car service station at the earliest so this can be fixed as it is unsafe to drive.

ZDegree – Your trusted Automotive Partner for all your car maintenance needs 

We are the leading automotive repair and workshop in Dubai with an exhaustive range of services. All car brands are repaired and serviced by us and our aim is to offer outstanding customer experience throughout. 

With several years of customer service, our endeavor is to ensure that all our customers enjoy a transparent and honest experience when they deliver their vehicles to us. We advise all our customers with professional advice all through their journey with us. It is our aim to build lasting relationships with all our customers and offer them a friendly environment. Book an appointment now!

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