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The Premier Automotive Tyre Global Brand - Pirelli Tyres

The Premier Automotive Tyre Global Brand - Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli tyres is the premier global brand when it comes to automotive tyres. The high performance tyre manufacturing company has carved a niche being the exclusive supplier of tyres for Formula 1. It is also the manufacturer recommended brand for most supercars and high-end sports cars. 

Nevertheless, Pirelli manufactures tyres for perhaps almost all vehicle on the road including tractors, motorbikes, and lorries. It’s product portfolio consists of all-weather, rolling-resistance, and economy-focused tyres. These require less energy to turn and thus increase the fuel economy. The high-performance long-running Pirelli P Zero and off-road Scorpion tyres are their most known models.

Pirelli tyre

 The brand evolution 

Pirelli was founded in 1872 in Milan. It now symbolizes passion for innovation, high-end excellence in production, and cutting-edge technology. The company today has 19 production plants in 12 countries and is commercially present in more than 160 nations including UAE presence.  

With 31,600 employees in 2019, Pirelli’s turnover stood at around 5.3 billion Euros. It is among the leading producers of tyres globally. A Pirelli tyres service center where the staff is competent enough to work on the tyres is present in all major global economies today.

Pirelli is also the only one with a sole focus on the Consumer tyre market. It includes tyres for cars, bicycles, and motorbikes. The firm has a specific focus on the High-Value market for tyres and is constantly engaged in developing innovative products to cater to the highly specific mobility needs of the consumer. 

Pirelli Tyre price  

Pirelli tyres are a global premium brand tyres and the retail prices are on the higher end. However, the cost is worth for those who seek to maintain highest levels of performance. The same may not always be true for those who drive more conventional vehicles. 

Tyre lifespan  

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, it is not possible to have an exact date for the expiry of tyres. This is because a combination of diverse factors can drastically diminish the lifespan of tyres. 

Below are some of the major factors that act as catalyst quickening or slowing the wearing out of tyres: 


Research held by NHTSA has revealed that tyres wear out faster in warmer climates. Environmental factors such as exposure to harsh sunlight and coastal climate can quicken the process. People residing in warmer regions and the Pirelli tyres Dubai users such as drivers in Dubai must bear this in mind while deciding for replacing the tyres. 


This applies for spare tyres and those that are stored in a shop or a garage. A tyre that is yet to be mounted and is placed in your garage or tyre shop ages more slowly than the one being used.


These usually do not see the light of the day but are still aging with time. If the tyre is inflated and mounted on a wheel it is regarded as ‘in-service’ though not in use. Moreover, the spare in a truck is mounted beneath the vehicle. Where It is exposed to dirt, heat, and rough weather.


This refers to the treatment of tyres. It is crucial for it to be inflated as per the manufacturers recommended pressure as being underinflated wears it out. Tyres that are hit to the curb several times weaken the sidewall and thus reduce the overall lifespan. Tyres of cars driven on the weekend age differently from those that are driven daily. 

To ensure a longer lifespan for tyres, it is essential we follow the proper maintenance procedures. This includes but is not limited to maintaining correct air pressure, regularly rotating them and routinely checking them for cracks. 

Of all the components of your vehicles, tyres have the greatest impact on the handling and your safety. So, do not delay spending money on replacing with new tyres if the Pirelli tyres Service store recommends them to be replaced. Remember, your life depends on it! 

ZDegree – The prominent and authorized Pirelli Dealer in UAE

We are the renowned and authorized dealers for Pirelli tyres in UAE and Abu Dhabi. The raw power of a car is under the hood but the power can only be tamed by the wheels. Through the years, Pirelli P Zero tyres have earned the legacy of being the most sought-after tyres luxury car manufacturers. The perfect fit is achieved by engineers at Pirelli by working with top luxury car manufacturer. These tyres symbolize the essence of the performance and power of your car. 

High-performance sedans, dedicated track Cars, and Super Cars are all adorned with Pirelli P Zero tyres. It’s the recommended tyre for Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mclaren, and Porsche. If you proudly own any of these cars, We are the best dealer who can get it professionally fitted as per the manufacturer's recommendation.

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