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All that you need to know about your vehicle’s Headlight Restoration

All that you need to know about your vehicle’s Headlight Restoration

All of us would have come across the need for Headlight Restoration at one or the other point in our lives. Your vehicle headlights help you with a clear view of the road at all times. Over a time period, headlights can become cloudy. This leaves them dim dangerously even without you realizing the same.

Headlights cannot do their job properly, if you do not adjust them as per the guidelines. Inappropriate headlight alignment can make it tough for you to see and blind other drivers. Moreover, specifications for aiming headlights differ from one nation to another. It is always best to follow them while aligning your vehicle’s headlights.

Dimming beams and foggy headlights affect even the most careful drivers. Lets us try to understand how and why headlights degrade and the necessary remedial measures to be followed:

How headlights degrade

Headlights degrade over a time period mainly in two ways:

·         Dim bulbs

·         Discolored headlight casing

It is crucial to identify which part of your headlight has been affected prior to opting for the required repair.

Headlight casing becoming cloudy

There are many reasons due to which headlight casing can appear yellow or become cloudy:


A clear layer is coated on the headlight lenses for preventing oxidization of acrylic. The coating wears off overtime and casing are oxidized by UV light that turns it yellow.

Wear and tear:

The protective coating is subject to scratches and scrapes due to the on-road debris. Once this goes beyond the shielding layer, the casing appears cloudy as it is damaged.


A thin coating of chemicals and dirt due to pollution can collect on headlight casing after several miles on the road. This dims the beams.

Water vapor:

Headlights have a watertight seal that can get damaged due to wear and tear. After this occurs, water gets collected in the casing that scatters the light beams.

How to prevent headlights from degrading

You can prevent the headlights from degrading by following some of these precautionary measures:

Wash your vehicle regularly:

You must regularly wash your vehicle with a quality shampoo. This will prevent the chemicals and dirt from pollution from getting collected that can dim the headlights.

Use polish:

Polish will help in eliminating scratches that result in discoloring the headlight lenses.

Parking in the shade:

Parking by avoiding the sun will decrease the detrimental result of UV rays. It will avoid oxidization of the casing of your headlight.

Headlight bulb lifespan

The headlight bulbs get dim through wear and tear over time. The diverse bulbs that are used in headlights normally last for:

·         500 - 1,000 hours - Halogen

·         30,000 hours - LED

·         10,000 hours - Xenon

The restoration costs will differ based on if you need to change the bulb, replace or restore the headlight unit and the bulbs type needed.

Headlight lenses are mostly made of polycarbonate plastic. It is strong enough for withstanding the harsh conditions on road without breaking. However, it is affected by sunlight, and for initial protection manufacturers cover the lenses with a film to protect against UV. This protective film is damaged over time by UV rays and permits the oxidization of the plastic.

When should you restore or replace headlights

The Highway Code states that you must use utilize headlights when visibility is acutely decreased. It is when you are capable of seeing less than 100 meters of the view in front of you.

Headlights are also specified to be used in the darkness hours. This is defined as the time between half an hour prior to sunrise and half an hour after sunset. It is essential that your headlights are adequately bright to enable you to always see 100 meters in front of you.

You must use these distances for deciding if your bulbs need to be restored or replaced. Ensure replacing both sides simultaneously for even illumination.

ZDEGREE offers you premier Headlight Alignment and Restoration services

If you are seeking headlight restoration near me, then you must definitely check the ZDEGREE Headlight Restoration and Alignment services. We offer affordable services for restoring your headlights through the effective methodology developed over the years.

We provide exceptional fog light and laser headlight alignment services. It is by using the Hella Beamsetter calibration service, the latest technology for beam calibration. Our services will ensure safe and proper alignment of your fog lights, HID - high-intensity discharge lamps and headlights. It will ensure you safe night drives and adequate road visibility for avoiding any mishaps.

Hella Beamsetter calibration service is the benchmark in the automotive industry that is available only in the certified service centers. This standard precision calibrator will precisely check the headlights of your vehicle. It will calibrate them as per the standards of the manufacturer and in compliance with ISO Certification.

Apart from providing the headlight alignment services for your Vehicle, ZDEGREE also provides the best tyres in Dubai for you. The review and the customer ratings speak for itself for making ZDEGREE the best in the business.

Looking for your vehicle servicing or to buy tires in Dubai or anywhere else across UAE, you could Book an Appointment now Or Call us at 8009334733

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