Head Light Restoration

Before you embark on any journey, one of the most overlooked safety features has to do with low-light highway environments, and that is your headlights.

Headlight Restoration Services in Dubai

As safety regulations keep evolving, modern cars are now equipped with adaptive headlights that work in conjunction with your driving inputs and are in full awareness of the driving environment at any given moment. They cover every inch of the road so far ahead that they are your first line of defense against any unwanted surprises. Not only that, but they also expose all the hidden spots along the road twists and turns and always give you that feedback you need to be in full control. The concept is simple, as the you turn the steering wheel, the headlights motors respond in a preset amount of turning left or right. This “alignment” between your hands and what the headlights do is difference between a safe journey and an unavoidable incident. This is not to say that car not equipped with such systems cannot offer a comparative level of safety, on the contrary. Every vehicle headlight can and should get its aim aligned.

And like most car systems, this system does require checking and fine tuning from time to time, and here at ZDegree we take your safety very seriously. We are proud to offer you our state-of-the-art headlight alignment services so you can focus on your journey, no matter how dark it gets and reach your destination with total confidence.

zDegree offers excellent laser headlight and fog light alignment services by using the latest technology in beam calibration - Hella’s Beamsetter calibration service. We ensure your headlights, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, and fog lights are safely and properly aligned to make sure your night drives are safe, and that you have enough visibility on road to avoid any on-to-ward incidents.

Hella’s Beamsetter calibration service is the industry’s standard precision calibrator available only at professional service centers. The Beamsetter will accurately check your vehicle’s headlights and will calibrate it in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard and also to comply with ISO certification.

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