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Service, Repair and Maintenance of Zeetex

Zeetex is a Dubai based international tire brand, established in 2005 as a proprietary brand of ZAFCO. The primary goal of zDegree is to cater all needs of customers in terms of tyres. Zeetex offers a wide range of tire variants, lubricants and batteries. Aiming to cater the needs of customers, Zeetex offers a wide range of products in its portfolio. From wallet-friendly best quality tires to ultra high-performance tires, Zeetex offers tires that have grip for dry, wet and off-road situations. “zDegree” is one of the top sellers of Zeetex tires in UAE. Zeetex has more than 300 tyres range, 51 battery sizes and also offers 65 lubricant specifications. Its R&D labs are determined to innovate and bring continuous changes that are useful and meet the demands of customers.

Zeetex has gained a strong market position in terms of offering value for price Worldwide. Zeetex tires give you best driving experience by using latest technology to take your driving experience to next level. It is favorite among drivers in UAE because of its best quality tires and affordable prices, wet and dry performance, safety, road noise and it’s long life while remaining affordable. Zeetex service centers are located in many regions including Asia, Europe and Middle East to cater all your needs. Their R&C labs are well equipped and skilled and have state-of-the-art skills that outperform many other brands in the market. To ensure you get best of latest technology, Zeetex has also collaborated with heavyweights including Bridgestone and Michelin to oversee the design of Zeetex tyres.

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