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Service, Repair and Maintenance of Otani

OTANI is a prominent manufacturer of Truck Bus Radial and Bias Tires in South East Asia. These tires are meant for different applications including long-haul, on and off-road, and mixed driving conditions. OTANI considers using superior technological and production techniques that increase customer satisfaction.

The OTANI brand was established by the Otani Tire Co. Limited, a Thai-based manufacturer of various types of commercial bias tires, tubes, flaps and pre-cure tread for retread. The company started production of the 45/65-45 tires in 2008, with the offering being the biggest tire that industry players not only in Thailand but across the entire South East Asia region could produce.

A greenfield project, Otani Radials Ltd, was set up in 2010 to manufacture truck and bus radial tires which transformed the dream of setting one of best radial manufacturing units into the reality. The project started off with a state of the art facility laced with the latest manufacturing equipment and new technologies and an impressive annual capacity of 1.5 Million tires.

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