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This Ramadan Grab These Exciting Offers On New Tyres From ZDEGREE

This Ramadan Grab These Exciting Offers On New Tyres From ZDEGREE

Life, as you knew it before the COVID 19 situation, is not existent anymore, but a sense of the usual is coming back to us with the beginning of this auspicious month of Ramadan. The lockdown curfew relaxation that began on April 24th has got us out of homes, into our cars. And we got places to go, shopping to do and stuff to buy. Ramadan is a month of celebrations. And if your car tyres are hindering your exploration after this long hibernation, don’t you worry. We at ZDEGREE have plenty of great offers on new tyres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. In all our centres across the UAE. 

Take your cars out of the garage with offers on New Tyres in Dubai. 

It has been a month and more since you revved that engine, not just to idle it and keep this well-oiled machine in prime condition. But now, the time is to go out and about shopping and errands. Parked car tyres tend to deflate, and the sidewall gets cracked over time. A month or so may not hamper to that extent, but if your tyres were already balding, with less than 1.6mm tread depth with a damaged sidewall. Then, best to take your car straight to the garage to get the tyres replaced. You get to choose from the best of these global summer tyres - Pirelli Tyres, Roadstone Tires, Nitto Tyres, with amazing Special Ramadan tyre deals in Dubai to suit your car’s and your requirements. 

Even if you don’t want to spend your time out at a garage, you are entirely covered. We encourage you to book the tyres online through and schedule the time and place to avail contactless delivery. Our expert technicians in the mobile tyre garage will deliver to your doorstep and do the installation, absolutely free.  

Ramadan Special Tyres Deals in Dubai you cannot resist! 

ZDEGREE’s national presence and worldwide connections enable you to get the best of the tyre world - global brands, outstanding services, convenient shopping and fantastic offers on new tyres in Dubai all rolled together in one place.  

As part of our Special Ramadan Promotional Offers on New Tires Dubai, we are bringing you the World-Class Premium Pirelli Tyres at upto 35 % off* ! And on Nitto Tires and Roadstone Tires, its double bonus offer with not just a discount of upto 35% off *, You also benefit from the 100% replacement in the 1st year offer on both these brands on select tyres. 

Now that’s what we call Festive Offer!!! 

We can feel the excitement, and here are some of our suggestions of Pirelli’s Marked Tyres, Nitto’s racing enthusiast tire and grounded value-for-money offerings of Roadstone tires. 

Pirelli Tyres - Premium Marked Tyres at Fabulous Discounts! 

Pirelli Tyres have been long associated with the prestige car makers in the world. Take BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin; each of these car makers prefer to go with Pirelli's bespoke marked tyres that exemplify and unleash their car's top performance. 

Only a Tyre manufacturer with a long-standing tradition for excellence like Pirelli joins with top luxury car makers R&D team to engineer a Pirelli Tyre that is nuanced and sophisticated as the car itself. They strive to give the "PERFECT FIT" to the car. And daresay they have delivered on that 100%. 

So if you have the following cars, close your eyes and buy Pirelli! 

BMW and MERCEDES - CINTURATO™ P7™ Pirelli Tyres 

CINTURATO™ P7™ is Pirelli's environment-conscious 'Green Performance' tyre. Created with the purpose to reduce carbon footprint by incorporating hybrid material for even wear, improved safety and comfort on all road surfaces with optimised tread design with specific pitch sequence. The CINTURATO™ P7 guarantees savings and performance. 

For this Ramadan Promotional offers on new tyres in Dubai, we are rolling discounts on this remarkable tyre. You can buy this BMW marked (*) and Mercedes Marked (MOE) tyres to enhance the comfort, reduced cabin noise and a high-level safety for your car. Improving further safety is Pirelli's RunFlat Technology - Protecting your drive for another 80 kms even when the tyre is punctured, ensuring you reach a safe location to get the puncture fixed.  

MERCEDES Environmental friendly SUV Tyres -PZERO SCORPION VERDE™ Pirelli Tyre 

Pirelli's environment-conscious tyre for the SUV's and crossovers is the P Zero Scorpion Verde. Innovative materials, structure and tread design pattern to provide 30% less cabin noise, reduced fuel consumption as well as reduced Co2 emissions. The P Zero Scorpion Verde is Pirelli's initiative to roll out environmentally sustainable yet great performing tyres. 

Getting High-performance tyres that not only bring the best out of your Mercedes SUV, it even takes cares of the environment. Thats a win-win. You can buy this at a fabulous discount of upto 35%. With our RAMADAN offers on new tyres in Dubai. Book it online and have it delivered and fitted for FREE! 

Nitto Tires with Super Tyres deals and 100% replacement in the 1st-year offer! 

If you are a full-time commuter and a part-time racing enthusiast, then Nitto Tires is your best bet. Nitto tires have poured passion into their engineering; true to their brand are "FUELED BY ENTHUSIASTS". They are stylish, high performing tire that are made to look aesthetically great while delivering top-class traction in all seasons and on any terrains. 

Some of their best ones:  

Nitto Tire - N860  

Nitto's NT860 is the right choice for you if you intend to be eco-friendlier with a low rolling resistance tire. NT860 has been engineered with unique silica-based tread compounds that resist heat, improve fuel efficiency. Nitto's NT860 delivers excellent dry traction along with stability, steering control and responsiveness.  

Nitto Tire - N830 

The Nitto NT830 is engineered with a unique futuristic tread design pattern which not only delivers exceptional dry and wet traction on the road but also improves the driving comfort by reducing the noise generated at the tire. This all-season tire integrates superior wet traction with its advanced tread and sipes design, which helps with drainage of water away from the tire, giving protection from aquaplaning. The sipes design is integrated to lock together to create a single tread block for effective braking and provides excellent grip while accelerating, offers better handling while Futuristic tread patterns combine notched grooves, that reduces the pipe resonance created at the tire, which thereby reduces the howling noise. Nitto's NT830 is your best bet for tires for all round the year performance along with improved comfort, no matter the season. 

Roadstone Tires deals and 100% replacement in 1st-year unconditional warranty offer! 

N500 Plus Roadstone Tire 

Roadstone tires' ultimate city tire is the N5000 Plus offering premium-comfort ultra-high performance for an extended smooth drive while commuting within the city. Roadstone N5000 plus has a high stiffness block that improves its steering stability, and its tread grooves have internal serration that provides excelling wet gripping that adds to the driving stability. They have included circular dimples on the tread for effective heat distribution, which translates to reduced uneven tread wear. It adds to longer tread life, effectively increasing the tire's life, making it easy on the pocket option. Besides increased tread life, a city tire like roadstone n5000 plus enhances comfort by reduced cabin noise thanks to its uniform block distribution that guarantees the best silent driving experience. 

Roadstone tires prizes are a clear indicator of their value for money, without compromising on quality. 

Buy these two signature Nitto Tires or the Roadstone Tires online to avail the Ramadan offers on New tyres in Dubai - A discount of up to 35%* + 100% Replacement in the 1st year unconditional warranty. Plus, get them delivered to your home and have them fitted to your car for FREE!  

ZDEGREE is a trusted dealer keeping a wide variety of these tyre brands - Pirelli Tyres, Roadstone Tyre, and Nitto Tyres. ZDEGREE provides offers on new tyres in many locations across the UAE. To schedule an appointment or to go through our extensive tyre catalog, visit us at 

Tyre deals in Dubai don't get better than this! 

*Terms and conditions apply  

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