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Roadstone Tyres: An A-rated UTQG tyre for the UAE weather

Roadstone Tyres: An A-rated UTQG tyre for the UAE weather

Rubber is predominantly used for tyre manufacturing. Isn’t it a curious thing? Roadstone Tyres cannot remain hard, they need to become soft so they can grip the road surface giving traction to the vehicle. Rubber and its compounds provide this much-needed quality to the tires. Rubber tires become pliable as the friction generated at the contact surface generates heat. But intense heat as experienced in the UAE is detrimental to the quality of tyres. Heat causes the tyres to crack up, and lose their integrity leading to sudden blowout while driving. It is a big safety hazard and it is reported to have been the single most reason for road accidents in the cities of UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi amongst others.

How to protect yourself from an accidental tyre blowout?

The obvious answer to that question is to choose tires that will dissipate the heat generated due to friction. The heat generated at the tyres increases the temperature of the tyre when driven for long duration and at high speeds. Adding to this situation if the tire is worn out then the blow out will happen sooner than later.

A critical specification given on the tyre itself will help you choose the right tyre for the heat in the UAE. The UNIFORM TIRE QUALITY GRADING (UTQG) categorizes the tire based on the following categories - Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature rating.

The UTQG temperature rating is an important parameter to choose tyres for the intense, sweltering heat of UAE.  The temperature rating signifies the ability of the tire to dispel heat or resist temperature increase. It is rated for tyres as A, B, and C, with A being the most suitable to weather conditions in UAE.

If your going in for new tires, and if the UTQG rating is anything but A or at the min B, then they will not be able to withstand the extreme temperatures of UAE and a blowout would be imminent in the future.

Roadstone Tyres

Roadstone Tyres with the UTQG temperature rating of A.

Roadstone tires, the erstwhile Nexen tires, are a great choice for tires for the prevailing road and weather conditions in the UAE. This South-Asian tire brand offers high performing tyres along with being a great value for money. 

Their tread compounds are designed in such a way to offer great dry traction, and the tread design offers reduced noise, better stability, and handling. More than all these, they are A-rated UTQG tires, best suited for the heated asphalt roads of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The following Roadstone tyres offer high-performance driving along with the ability to dispel the heat so you could have a safe driving experience.

Nfera SU1
NFera SU1 one of Roadstone’s premier offerings in the passenger car segment. It is an excellent summer tire to navigate your way through storm or desert road. Its four wide longitudinal grooves water exits quickly increasing traction and it’s lateral grooves help with improved wet performance and hydroplaning. Shoulders are optimized to provide maximum grip while cornering and the three center blocks increase stability. In all a great tire for your everyday commuting needs guaranteeing safety and comfort. It has a speed rating of V, W and Y, and UTQG 300 AA A.

NFera RU5

NFera RU5 is a comfortable yet luxurious offering by Roadstone in the light truck and SUV segment. It is an Ultra high performance, all-season tire offering round the year quality driving. Adding to the comfort the NFera RU5 is sturdy and a stable tire enabling powerful drive even when the roads are not so perfect. The solid central block along with the two longitudinal ribs in the tread design provides much-needed stability even at high speeds. Micro-grooves provide excellent traction. Its speed rating is V and W and the critical UTQG rating is 500 A A.

N5000 Plus

Roadstone tires' ultimate city tire is the N5000 Plus offering premium-comfort ultra-high performance for an extended smooth drive while commuting within the city. It has a high stiffness block that improves its steering stability and its tread grooves have internal serration that provides excelling wet gripping that adds to the driving stability. They have included circular dimples on the tread for effective heat distribution, which translates to reduced uneven tread wear. It adds to a longer tread life, effectively increasing the tire’s life, making it easy on the pocket option. Besides increased tread life, a city tire like roadstone n5000 plus enhances comfort by reduced cabin noise thanks to its uniform block distribution that guarantees the best silent driving experience. H, V, W and Y is the speed rating and UTQG 500 A A

And the best place to buy Roadstone tyres is at our stores or through our online portal There is a great discount offer on Roadstone tires - Buy 3 tires and get 1 absolutely free right now! .Buy the best tires for the UAE weather at a great price.

If you need any technical help, you can always get in touch with us on 8009334733

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