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Here is everything you need to know about Zeetex 2021 Tyres

Here is everything you need to know about Zeetex 2021 Tyres

Zeetex is a Dubai based international tire brand, established in 2005 as a proprietary brand of ZAFCO. The primary goal of zDegree is to cater all needs of customers in terms of tyres. Zeetex offers a wide range of tire variants, lubricants and batteries. Aiming to cater the needs of customers, Zeetex offers a wide range of products in its portfolio. From wallet-friendly best quality tires to ultra high-performance tires, Zeetex offers tires that have grip for dry, wet and off-road situations. “zDegree” is one of the top sellers of Zeetex tires in UAE. Zeetex has more than 300 tyres range, 51 battery sizes and also offers 65 lubricant specifications. Its R&D labs are determined to innovate and bring continuous changes that are useful and meet the demands of customers.

Zeetex has gained a strong market position in terms of offering value for price Worldwide. Zeetex tires give you best driving experience by using latest technology to take your driving experience to next level. It is favorite among drivers in UAE because of its best quality tires and affordable prices, wet and dry performance, safety, road noise and it’s long life while remaining affordable. Zeetex service centers are located in many regions including Asia, Europe and Middle East to cater all your needs. Their R&C labs are well equipped and skilled and have state-of-the-art skills that outperform many other brands in the market. To ensure you get best of latest technology, Zeetex has also collaborated with heavyweights including Bridgestone and Michelin to oversee the design of Zeetex tyres.

Zeetex AT1000

Three Enhanced Level Features of Zeetex 2021 Tires

  • High Quality

High quality materials and state of the art tools are used to manufacture Zeetex tires which guarantees driver comfort and performance.

  • Gives Multiple Features

Zeetex offers a variety of tire patterns with different compounds for various models so that your vehicle models and varying driving styles are taken care of. The main feature of Zeetex tires includes low noise emission and precise steering, making it durable.

  • Durable and Economical

Zeetex tires are created to be safe and give the longest possible mileage which is backed by their incredible warranty. All Zeetex 2021 tires purchased from zDegree come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Seven Reasons You Should Get Zeetex Tyres

  1. Zeetex produces tires in different patterns and sizes ensuring that all types of customer needs are met, from car tires for SUVs for daily driven family SUV to the quiet luxurious super saloon.
  2. Zeetex tires are designed with safety and comfort in mind, and all the Zeetex tire patterns provide you with safety and a quiet ride no matter the weather condition.
  3. Zeetex serves commercial, residential and sportsman vehicle owners a great deal in terms of selling tyres that best fit their vehicles.
  4. Zeetex offers are not only prices under its competitors but also comes with a 5 year warranty.
  5. Their braking performance is on par with the competitors that are significantly more expensive.
  6. Zeetex tires purchased from zDegree are stored in ZAFCO’s warehouse, which is UAE’s biggest temperature and humidity controlled tire warehouse, so tires fitted in your vehicle are fresh from factory and have no wear and tear from improper storage.
  7. Zeetex tyres are environmentally friendly and provide your tires long operational life while also cope well in every weather condition. Zeetex tyres help drivers in reducing carbon footprint because of their rolling resistance and lower vehicle CO2 emissions.

Looking for an alternative tire for your used car? Then Zeetex is all that you need

Doesn’t matter if you own a brand new car or used car, Zeetex will meet your needs if you are searching for a reliable, safe, comfortable and yet economical tyre brand. Zeetex tyres allow it’s users to drive smooth and well on different types of roads in different weather conditions. They allow you to maintain stability even on rough tracks and offers symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns for your vehicle and driving style.

Despite of the car model, brand or condition, one thing that really keeps your car going is Zeetex tires. With the help of its external shoulders blocks, Zeetex tires provide less friction, remain stable and provide comfort on all types of roads.

Zeetex HP2000 VFM

Most Popular Models of Zeetex Tyres

Among its other models, Zeetex ZT1000 is known as noise free tyre and Zeetex HP2000 VFM is a high-performance passenger tyre.

Zeetex also has All Season Tyres to cater the needs of all its clients during all seasons. Zeetex HP102 tires are famous amongst summer tyre category for Passenger Car tyres. Zeetex has mid-range tyres which have high performance and full coverage with full customer satisfaction.

Find Zeetex Tires at zDegree Workshops, your ultimate choice for all your tyre needs

zDegree is one of the biggest Zeetex tire sellers online in UAE. Get your Zeetex tires in UAE at nearest zDegree workshop. We provide mobile van fitment so you can get your tires fitted at your doorstep. Our 5-year warranty means that if you have any issue, we will reimburse the amount on a pro rata basis. zDegree regularly runs offers and discounts on Zeetex tires so keep an eye out on our offers page.

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