How to choose right tires for your car!

Tires are the important part of our vehicle. They are the fundamental link between your car and road. A good set of tires improves the handling, steering, acceleration, and braking of your car.

How to choose right tires for your car? There are 5 elements you have to consider when choosing the right set of tires for your vehicle.

  • Tube- type or tubeless

Tubeless tires are safer, more advanced and have few other small advantages too. You don’t need to have alloy wheels in order to use tubeless tires. For the best result steel wheels should be rust free and preferably have the inside coated with an anti-rust coating.

  • Size

Tires size is represented in a standard format like this 205/55 R 15.Which can be read as:

205(mm)-is the width of the thread on the tire.

55(%)-is the height of the sidewall represented as the percentage of tread width.

R (Radial)-Radial construction as almost all tires are nowadays.

15(inches)-is the rim diameter of the wheel on which this tire is designed to fit.

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  • Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of a tire has a major effect on the tire’s wet weather performance. It also plays a part in how much noise is generated by the tire due to air getting and expelled from those channels during running.


  • Rubber Compound

Is used to manufacture the tire is probably the most important factor in determining a tire’s traction and tread wear characteristics.

  • Overall quality of the tire

It depends on

    Reputation of manufacturer

    Warranty

    Date of manufacture

    Added Technologies


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