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6 Car Repair mistakes you might be doing if you are doing it yourself

6 Car Repair mistakes you might be doing if you are doing it yourself

Whether it is out of passion, trying to save costs, taking influence from social media DIY videos, but people who do their car repair at home are potentially putting their car and lives in danger.

The most important aspect to repairing or servicing car is to understand that there is a difference in doing minor changes like changing oil or checking tyre pressure at home than repairing a car at home.

Here are six car repair mistakes that occur when you repair car at home.

Oil Change Service in UAE
  1. Repairing Car AC

Although it might not seem too difficult to replace the alternator or repairing a pipe, car AC repair service nowadays heavily rely on electronics, and you need to have the proper tools and experience to make the necessary fixes. An issue in replacing a part incorrectly might result in the A/C not working properly (unbearable during summer) but might result in ruining other parts in your A/C system.

Instead of saving time or money, you will end up spending more time and money. In contrast, if you bring your car at a professional workshop like zDegree, then our experienced mechanics make sure that your Car AC service is handled properly.

2. Replacing Timing Belt

One of the main reasons that people try to replace timing belt themselves is that it has to be changed every 50,000 kilometers. While the labor charge for replacing it might be high, timing belt is an important component of your engine. Replacing a timing belt is a task for trained mechanics where they disassemble car engine, hence, if you attempt to replace a timing belt and disassemble an engine on your own, it will double your cost if it is not fixed accurately.

3. Repairing Car Brakes

Brakes are the most essential and critical auto part, yet if changed or installed incorrectly, can be incredibly dangerous. At first, brakes might appear as a simple looking part that can be fixed easily but it requires more than just replacing brake pads. From brake discs to calipers, wheel bearing, and adjusting brake fluid are just some other things that need to work in tangent with your brake pads. If not adjusted correctly, then it will not work correctly which could lead to potentially disastrous results. Any uncharacteristic behavior that a driver feels from the brakes is one of the top reason for major road accidents.

Our trained mechanics at zDegree make sure to adjust your car by doing brake pad replacement in a professional way by providing both safety of your car as well as convenience for your driving style.

Car Mechanical Repair Service at zDegree

4. Repairing Car Transmission

Car transmission is also known as car gearbox and it is usually done when a weird noise or unidentified smell from your car starts occurring. It indicates that transmission of car is faulty. Car transmission is viewed as car brain and it is an essential service for your car. A car without transmission is what headed nowhere when the people are sitting inside it. The main purpose of car transmission is to transfer the power of engine to wheels while controlling the speed of engine. Hence, car transmission works on fluid so its essential component is transmission fluid.

“zDegree” offers a detailed car transmission service at its art-of-state equipped workshops and offers manual transmission, automatic transmission, and dual-clutch transmission.

5. Replacing Windshield

When you attempt to replace the windshield at home, it usually does not accurately fixed and sometimes, damaged windshield is also not removed perfectly. “Windshield replacement” is a process of fixing a windshield correctly on a vehicle. When you get replacement of windshield done at professional workshops like zDegree, then your car’s interior and bodywork is protected. The professionals at zDegree do an efficient job by using their expertise in priming the car by applying glue to the framework for putting on new windshield accurately.

If this activity is carried out at home, there is a probability that windshield is not fixed accurately. New glasses used at zDegree are acquired by World’s top automotive glass manufacturers to ensure quality.

6. Car Tinting or Painting

With trends changing daily, driving your car at a workshop for car painting or tinting can be expensive especially in the UAE. It is a luxurious treatment to your car but it is also becoming necessary especially in cities like Dubai. People often get their car tinted in summers to protect and maintain their interior. Hence, they often try painting at their own which leaves them exposed to various fumes and consumes their time.

Where to head over for Car Repairing Services

The above six car repair mistakes must give you a sound knowledge on why it is important to go to professional workshops. Head over to zDegree car workshops in UAE and get the best Car Repair Services in Dubai.

You can visit our website at zDegree or visit our workshops at Al Quoz, zDegree Al Ain, zDegree D.I.P, and zDegree City Walk to get the best car repair in UAE.

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