Discover The Super Performance Of Your Vehicle With Zeetex Lubricants

Established in 2002,Zeetex proved to be a remarkable company that not only specializes in manufacturing excellent quality tyres and batteries but also has an eminent name in manufacturing and marketing lubricants and greases for vehicles. Whether its brake fluid, high-grade synthetic oils, or high-viscosity multi-grade oils, Zeetex has the entire range. These products are blended with stringent quality control using highly refined base stocks and additives which provide customers the assurance of quality, safety, and compliance with environmental requirements. In addition to supplying high-quality lubricants, the brand is also known for providing a full range of services to customers such as used oil analysis, technical services, etc.


Be it ZEETEX 2T oil, grease oil, hi-speed engine oil, or diesel engine oil, the brand offers a wide variety of lubricants that cover different categories, unique qualities, and features offering multiple benefits to the customers in their respective applications.

  • The 2T oil is a super quality oil for gasoline which not only provides high thermal stability, low heat generation, and less frictional power losses but also provides good resistance to keep away carbon deposits, and gives trouble-free ignition.
  • While ZEETEX Grease, on the other hand, is a superior quality having excellent anti-wear, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion qualities applicable for both the industrial and automotive applications.
  • ZEETEX Motor oil and engine oil are exclusive crankcase oils that ensure maximum engine protection through superior viscosity retention, as well as high performance at ahigh temperature and speed.

Why choose ZEETEX lubricants from ZDEGREE?

In a short period, this brand has become a significant name in the lubricants market competing with the high-end oil makers, making the customers understand how to get quality oil even on a limited budget. If you are looking for safety, comfort, performance, low noise, and an environment-friendly solution, then ZEETEX is the perfect brand.

Zeetex, is contributing to make a difference in protecting the environment. Buy such revolutionary brand at a very competitive price only from ZDEGREE- a true partner of Zeetex located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

ZDEGREE has it all

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