Get superior quality of Commercial Vehicle services at most competitive rates

ZDEGREE has now opened a state-of-the-art Truck Service Center in Sharjah Industrial Area 2 to cater to all types of auto mechanical services, repairing and maintenance for Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Industrial vehicles.




Truck and Bus Tires

We specialize in truck and bus tires from various brands including Otani, Zeetex, Double coin, Michelin, Bridgestone. We offer a wide range of PCR, TBR, LTR, OTR and Industrial tires to choose for Cars Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Industrial vehicles.

Truck and Bus Wash

At ZDEGREE Sharjah, our trained professionals take care of all exterior and interior commercial vehicles cleaning needs

Oil change service

We offer the best trucks and buses oil change services at affordable prices.

Tire Alignment

Wheel alignment is an important aspect of standard maintenance and at ZDEGREE Sharjah we offer wheel alignment services for all type of vehicles.

Mechanical Services

With a comprehensive list of truck and bus mechanical services, ZDEGREE provides you a safer and smoother driving experience, right from the alignments and brake adjustments to A/C repair and Oil change. Trust ZDEGREE for your vehicle’s best mechanical maintenance and repair.

Electrical and AC services

Regular usage of AC in trucks causes extraction of moisture from the circulating refrigerant and reduces mechanical wear. Like the engine oil filter, it also has a limited service life. Thus, we make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system and its performance are checked thoroughly when brought in for a service.

Battery service

ZDEGREE has the latest diagnostic and servicing equipment to ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle’s battery or installation of a new battery. We offer battery replacement services for passenger cars, vans, light trucks, trucks, trailers, buses and industrial vehicles.