Yokohama-Delivering high-performance tires since 1917!

Yokohama, since 1917, has been a global leader in the development of outstanding tire designs and technology, giving drivers better control on the road. The company is well known for its quality-assurance in designing, development, manufacturing installation, and related services. Keeping a safe, greener environment in mind, the manufacturers of Yokohama use natural gas in the tire manufacturing process to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and save energy instead of using CFCs and trichloroethane.

Features of Yokohama tyres :

  • The street tyres are designed to provide superb performance even in rough terrain conditions. The matrix body ply structure and the mound profile help the tyres to enhance its steering stability without compromising the comfort.
  • Yokohama provides a cross-sectional shape to the tread to give the tyres the appropriate ground contact pressure when it hits the road.
  • Yokohama tyre’s asymmetrical pattern provides strong gripping performance in both the wet and dry conditions with the help of micro-silica and silica dispersed material.
  • The tyres are manufactured using noise reduction technology, to give a comfortable ride
  • Yokohama uses steel belts to improve the stiffness of the tread area, which improves the resistance of the tyre from punctures.

Why choose Yokohama tyres?

Keeping the latest techniques and designs in mind, the manufacturers of Yokohama, continuous to release products that are unparalleled in terms of safety, traction, road precision, and performance. Aided by advanced simulation technology, Yokohama manufactures an innovative tread design that optimizes tread contact with the road providing enhanced traction on cornering. From compact cars to sports cars, and from high-powered sedans to motorbikes, Yokohama is successful in manufacturing high-performance tires for all categories of vehicles. The company is also known for its flagship brand “ADVAN”, that is continually tested on raceways around the world, including high caliber car racing events.

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Yokohama Tyres

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