At zDegree, we can take care of all your car air conditioning (A/C) needs for passenger and fleet/commercial vehicles. Vehicles with an air conditioning system should be checked at least once a year at a specialist workshop.

It is nearly impossible to drive without an AC in the UAE. Getting your car’s air conditioning service done is important so the high Dubai temperature does not hinder your next ride. If your AC isn’t working, then getting your car air conditioning repaired should be your top priority. The best time for AC service at one of our workshops is early spring, before it gets too hot and dust/pollen starts to affect allergy-sufferers.


At zDegree, we take care of all your car air conditioning (A/C) needs for passenger and fleet/commercial vehicles at all zDegree car workshops Dubai.


At zDegree, in a car ac service, we offer a thorough A/C performance check to keep your vehicle cold during summer. Our qualified technicians at all our car repair shops examine intricate air conditioning system components and their performance.

You can book an online appointment for car A/C service or call on our toll-free number 800 ZDEGREE (9334733).

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If your car's refrigerant leaks or A/C systems break down, you'll not be able to drive in hot weather on UAE roads. The leakage of refrigerant is not only harmful to environment but also harmful to your car and health. Car's refrigerant leakage can damage your car's ac compressor and evaporator. Besides that, if you don’t get a car air conditioning service done, it is likely that you might end up facing other issues like bad odour from AC, not enough cooling, engine overheating, etc. A delay in servicing your vehicle’s AC can lead to serious car air conditioning repair which can cost you a lot in the long run.

Get your car's air conditioning system serviced as soon as you notice there is a problem in cooling to save you money. Just bring your vehicle to any of zDegree service centers and we'll provide you with the best auto A/C services in UAE.

Vehicle AC Services UAE


At zDegree, A/C performance check is carried out by qualified auto technicians who will examine your vehicle's air conditioning system to find any refrigerant leakage and repair it. Your overall AC’s cooling ability is affected if the level of refrigerant drops, so it is important to get your car air conditioning serviced time to time.

Our A/C service include
  • A/C Performance Checkup
  • Refrigerant Leakage Checkup
  • A/C fitting checkup
  • A/C components checkup

zDegree offers the quality car AC service and AC repair at the best prices. We deal in OEM marked parts and our state-of-the art car repair shops and expert technicians make sure that you enjoy pleasant and cool rides after getting your car A/C service.