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Dr. John Ellis, an American manufacturer and distributor of petroleum lubricants for steam engines, founded Valvoline Inc. on September 6, 1866. Since then it’s a known and reputed oil refining company worldwide and distributor for automotive oil, additives and lubricants. This company has become the second largest oil change service provider in the United States and has spent more than 140 years under the hood perfecting lubricants to improve vehicle performance. Their love for innovation and passion for engines makes them stand at the forefront to make sure that engines around the world have a smooth run.


Be it cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, heavy loaded trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, Valvoline has been creating scientifically formulated products with hands-on-expertise to keep running in extreme temperatures, achieve maximum performance and a prolonged life for vehicles. Deposits in car fuel system can cause blockages that lead to loss of acceleration, and rough idling. Thus, the company offers a complete line of gear oils and greases that provide maximum durability, long-lasting endurance, good stability, excellent lubrication at peak temperatures and maintains pump-ability while sustaining heavy loads. With 150 years of trust infused into every pack, these lubricant products provide premium racing oils for nearly every circuit and class. Your truck and heavy machineries need a motor oil you can count on, coolant that can resist the heat and grease that can handle the pressure. This is precisely why Valvoline oil exists and is curated only to fit your needs.

Why choose Valvoline from ZDEGREE?

Lubrication plays a vital role in keeping machines working. The manufacturers here have mastered the basics of lubricants, optimum drain intervals, correct storage and handling techniques. Besides having a wide range of products and services to reduce operating cost and increase productivity, Valvoline is mostly favored by people due to the quality of lubricant, maintenance service, fair price and customer service. All of Valvoline's products are API licensed to ensure quality and are designed to provide high performance in passenger cars such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW.

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