Rim Services

Best-in-class Rim Repair / Paint Services, Rim Straightening services, Alloy Wheel rim repair & Colour Change Services In Dubai

The Rims play a huge part in making your car look super sporty and edgy.

At ZDegree, the latest technology is utilized by trained specialists to work on your car’s rims repair to give the best possible repair and styling services.

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We offer the following Rim services:

1. Alloy Wheel/Rim refurbishment services

Tyres get mounted on the rims and if the rim is bent or out of shape, it will not hold air and the tyres will also wear unevenly. Instead of changing the wheel, you can get it refurbished to get the bent removed, accident/damage repair and wheel rim repair done in Dubai.

2. Rim & brake caliper paint and colour change services

Rims are such a prominent aesthetic part of the car that changing their colour uplifts the look of it. At ZDegree, a customized paint job is done with durable and long-lasting powder coating method to give the look of your choice - matte, glossy or even semi-matte finish. The rim or brake caliper is primed before painting by removing any rusted surface and sanded to make sure the quality of paint endures all that the wheel goes through.

3. Bent rim repair and rim straightening services

At ZDegree, wheel rim size of up to 26” can be straightened. This saves you from getting the wheel replaced and helps to increase the life of your tyres.

4. Rim polishing services

If your wheels are looking dirty and grimy give it a brand-new facelift with our expert wheel polishing services. ZDegree is the best wheel customization specialists providing professional wheel polishing services that transform the look of your vehicle.