Our promise to you…

If you find a lower price on an identical tire from a competitor’s website in the UAE (including shipping and installation), then simply show us their current promotion on your smartphone and we’ll match the price on the spot.

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How do I request a Price Match in store?

Please talk to a sales associate or go to the Customer Service desk for help with your Price Match. After we receive the details about the tire and price you want to match, we will verify the information in store before completing the Price Match.

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Can I request a Price Match online?

All online Price Match requests for www.myzdegree.com are handled by our Customer Care Centre team. Please call the Customer Care Centre at 800 933 4733 or send an email to [email protected].

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What do we mean by a local competitor?

A local competitor is someone who sells similar tires to us and operates within the UAE. They must have a online retail store, which is freely open to public in the UAE. They must stock a reasonable range of goods for customers to buy and take away and/or get delivered.

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What qualifies as a proof of price when requesting a Price Match?

A competitor’s advertisement, in the form of a printed ad, qualifies as a proof of price. Digital versions of the printed advertisement are also accepted. If you found the price online, please present the competitor’s online price on your mobile device to a sales assistant or as a screenshot with the web link to Customer Care Centre and our team will then verify the match. Price Match will also take into account any shipping and delivery fees.

Does an tire have to be in stock to receive a Price Match?

Yes. In order to qualify for a Price Match, the tire has to be in stock at the competitor’s store or website, as well as at an Zdegree outlet or www.myzdegree.com

Are there any prices that Zdegree won’t match?

We will consider matching the price of any tire as long as the tire is brand new, in stock, and an identical tire of the same brand, model, size is available in our stores. Used tires, auction websites, tires sold in international stores or websites, closing-down sales and classifieds will not be considered for Price Match. . tires sold on these websites have to be fulfilled by the brand/website selling it, and their warranty will have to be from an authorised partner of the brand, in order for it to be price matched.

What if a competitor is offering a bundle of tires?

We will consider matching the price of the bundle if it is publicly available to all customers in the UAE and the tires in the competitor’s bundle are identical to tires we sell, including any free tires.

What about promotions?

If a competitor is running a very short-term promotion, we will match their price as long as it is an identical tire and is in stock at their stores or website, as well as in Zdegree stores or website, at the time the Price Match is requested.