Pre-purchase Inspection

Having a car is a necessity in Dubai. But when it comes time to getting a car, the question is old or new. New cars are obviously expensive and come with contracts and warranties, meanwhile there’s a misconception that buying used is risky.

If you are looking to get a used car, get a pre-purchase inspection done so there are no expensive surprises, and be assured that you are getting a good deal.

We have a detailed Pre-Purchase Car Inspection service where our certified technicians have a vehicle checklist that includes a a 24 point car inspection, checking mechanical issues, external and internal body damages and then we share a detailed report so you know clearly what’s wrong with your car.

Pre-Purchase Checklist (PPC)


  • Engine valve cover gasket(s) (VCG)
  • Engine oil pan gasket(s) (OPG)
  • Engine crankshaft front oil seal
  • Engine timing case gasket(s)
  • Engine oil filter housing gasket
  • Spark plugs profile gasket(s)
  • General oil leaks (pressure switches, O-rings, etc)
  • Engine alternator belt (No. of belt ribs matching pulley ribs, condition of belt ribs, dryness of belt)
  • Engine water pump belt (No. of belt ribs matching pulley ribs, condition of belt ribs, dryness of belt)
  • Engine power steering belt (No. of belt ribs matching pulley ribs, condition of belt ribs, dryness of belt)
  • Belt pullies (noise, smoothness)
  • Belt tensioners (Manual belt tension check, running car belt vibration check, leak)
  • Air intake filter (condition)
  • Engine oil filter (condition)
  • Engine mounts (Always change with bolts)
  • Water pump (leaks, noise, vibration)
  • Power steering pump (leaks, noise, vibration)
  • Alternator (Voltage test W/FULL LOAD, Voltage test W/O LOAD)
  • Alternator cooling (if applicable)
  • Engine ticking noise (excessive ticking, irregular ticking)
  • Exhaust color (Black, White, Blue or mixture)
  • Spark plugs (coloration, cracks, threads)
  • Fuel relay pressure (with scanner or pressure gauge)

Cooling System:

  • Coolant level (Note how much coolant is topped up in case of coolant shortage and report)
  • Coolant condition (coloration, slime)
  • Cooing system air content (Use pressure tester and report air bubbles content)
  • General leak test (Use pressure tester when the engine is cold)
  • Cracks in expansion tank
  • Water pump free spin (when belt is disconnected)
  • Engine idle test
  • Condenser fan operation
  • Engine fan clutch (manual stop test)


  • Cabin temperature (laser gun test)
  • AC gas smell
  • Bio smell (moth, humidity, toxins)
  • Compressor clutch operation
  • AC gas leak test (UV test)


  • Front oil seal
  • Rear oil seal
  • Transmission oil condition (Precipitant test, check for metal/slug content, viscosity, color)
  • Transmission mount(s)
  • Vibration test (P-R or N-D)
  • Shifting performance (Dynamic test)
  • Downshift smoothness/jerkiness (Dynamic test)
  • Shifter temperature (when applicable)

Transfer Case:

  • Oil condition
  • Mount
  • Leaks
  • Drive shaft play (Joint play)


  • Oil seals
  • Axle seals
  • Oil condition
  • Mounts
  • U-turn performance (Dynamic test)
  • Fig-8 performance (Dynamic test)
  • Highway whining
  • Throttle-induced play (Excessive diff play)
  • Acceleration play/judder

Drive shaft(s):

  • Acceleration play/judder
  • Flex disc condition (dryness, cracks, alignment)
  • Input & output flanges (metal-to-metal noise, manual tolerance test)
  • Check for cracks, discoloration and/or any sanding action


  • ALL bushings (check for dryness, movement)
  • Shocks manual pressure test (Compress)
  • Shocks top mounts/bearings
  • Sway bar end links
  • Control arms/ A-Arms (Check ball joint for play, replace if play is found)
  • Steering tie rods (Manual play test, replace if they twist)
  • Speed bump noise test (Dynamic test)
  • Wheel bearings (Dynamic test)


  • Front discs thickness (mm)
  • Rear discs thickness (mm)
  • Front discs surface (swipe finger across)
  • Rear discs surface (swipe finger across)
  • Front brake pads thickness (mm)
  • Rear brake pads thickness (mm)
  • Front brake pads surface
  • Rear brake pads surface
  • Brake pedal travel (Engine running. Too far? Too hard?)
  • Brake lines and fittings (rust, leaks)
  • Master cylinder (leak)
  • Brake fluid (air bubbles, level)


  • Headlights function (low beam, high beam, fog lights)
  • Tail lights function (low beam, brake lights)
  • Third brake light (function)
  • Indicators operation (Front, rear, side, mirrors)
  • Wipers and washer nozzle (windshield, rear window, headlights)
  • Interior lights (door open, door closed, glove compartment, doors, rear passengers)
  • Speedometer (Speedo, tachometer, trip counter, fuel gauge, water gauge, oil gauge)
  • Check stokes function
  • Cruise control (Dynamic test)
  • Battery voltage (car switched OFF, car switched ON W/FULL LOAD & W/O FULL LOAD)
  • Seats adjustment
  • Sunroof Check
  • Soft Top Check
  • Hardtop Check
  • Blinds Check
  • AC control unit
  • Radio
  • Infotainment screen
  • Windows operation (Check one-touch operation)
  • Steering column operation


  • Production date
  • Cracks
  • Tyre pressure values (ALL 4)
  • Dryness


You need brake repair when

  • The brake dashboard light glows amber, indicating problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • The brake dashboard light is red, indicating a system imbalance
  • The brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond
  • You hear grinding or constant squealing during braking

It's high time to have your brakes checked if you happen to notice the aforementioned symptoms. At ZDEGREE Auto Services, we will explain exactly what's required, what's optional and provide you with an estimate before performing any activity.

Call us at 800 933 4 733 and talk to our service advisors.

At zDegree we provide the best pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai service for our customers. Our expert technicians provide 24 point vehicle inspection and report on signs of previous mechanical issues, accidents, and damages, etc. At zDegree we follow a vehicle inspection checklist, and it includes the list of services held by our pre-purchase inspection mechanics. You can blindly trust on our report because our pre-purchase inspection specialist done it full of honest and provide indication about upcoming mechanical work held on your vehicle too.