Pre Purchase Inspection

Having a car is a necessity in Dubai. But when it comes time to get a car, the question is old or new. New cars are obviously expensive and come with contracts and warranties, but there’s a misconception that buying used is risky.

If you are looking to buy a used car, get a pre-purchase inspection done so there are no expensive surprises, and you can be assured that you are getting a good deal.

We have a detailed pre-purchase car inspection service where our certified technicians have a vehicle checklist that includes a 24-point car inspection, checking mechanical issues, external and internal body damage, and then we share a detailed report, so you know exactly what’s wrong with your car.

Pre-Purchase Checklist (PPC):


  • Engine valve cover gasket(s) (VCG)
  • Engine oil pan gasket(s) (OPG)
  • Engine crankshaft front oil seal
  • Engine timing case gasket(s)
  • Engine oil filter housing gasket
  • Spark plugs profile gasket(s)
  • General oil leaks (pressure switches, O-rings, etc)
  • Engine alternator belt (No. of belt ribs matching pulley ribs, condition of belt ribs, dryness of belt)
  • Engine water pump belt (No. of belt ribs matching pulley ribs, condition of belt ribs, dryness of belt)
  • Engine power steering belt (No. of belt ribs matching pulley ribs, condition of belt ribs, dryness of belt)
  • Belt pullies (noise, smoothness)
  • Belt tensioners (Manual belt tension check, running car belt vibration check, leak)
  • Air intake filter (condition)
  • Engine oil filter (condition)
  • Engine mounts (Always change with bolts)
  • Water pump (leaks, noise, vibration)
  • Power steering pump (leaks, noise, vibration)
  • Alternator (Voltage test W/FULL LOAD, Voltage test W/O LOAD)
  • Alternator cooling (if applicable)
  • Engine ticking noise (excessive ticking, irregular ticking)
  • Exhaust color (Black, White, Blue or mixture)
  • Spark plugs (coloration, cracks, threads)
  • Fuel relay pressure (with scanner or pressure gauge)

Cooling System:

  • Coolant level (Note how much coolant is topped up in case of coolant shortage and report)
  • Coolant condition (coloration, slime)
  • Cooing system air content (Use pressure tester and report air bubbles content)
  • General leak test (Use pressure tester when the engine is cold)
  • Cracks in expansion tank
  • Water pump free spin (when belt is disconnected)
  • Engine idle test
  • Condenser fan operation
  • Engine fan clutch (manual stop test)


  • Cabin temperature (laser gun test)
  • AC gas smell
  • Bio smell (moth, humidity, toxins)
  • Compressor clutch operation
  • AC gas leak test (UV test)


  • Front oil seal
  • Rear oil seal
  • Transmission oil condition (Precipitant test, check for metal/slug content, viscosity, color)
  • Transmission mount(s)
  • Vibration test (P-R or N-D)
  • Shifting performance (Dynamic test)
  • Downshift smoothness/jerkiness (Dynamic test)
  • Shifter temperature (when applicable)

Transfer Case:

  • Oil condition
  • Mount
  • Leaks
  • Drive shaft play (Joint play)


  • Oil seals
  • Axle seals
  • Oil condition
  • Mounts
  • U-turn performance (Dynamic test)
  • Fig-8 performance (Dynamic test)
  • Highway whining
  • Throttle-induced play (Excessive diff play)
  • Acceleration play/judder

Drive shaft(s):

  • Acceleration play/judder
  • Flex disc condition (dryness, cracks, alignment)
  • Input & output flanges (metal-to-metal noise, manual tolerance test)
  • Check for cracks, discoloration and/or any sanding action


  • All bushings (check for dryness, movement)
  • Shocks manual pressure test (Compress)
  • Shocks top mounts/bearings
  • Sway bar end links
  • Control arms/ A-Arms (Check ball joint for play, replace if play is found)
  • Steering tie rods (Manual play test, replace if they twist)
  • Speed bump noise test (Dynamic test)
  • Wheel bearings (Dynamic test)


  • Front discs thickness (mm)
  • Rear discs thickness (mm)
  • Front discs surface (swipe finger across)
  • Rear discs surface (swipe finger across)
  • Front brake pads thickness (mm)
  • Rear brake pads thickness (mm)
  • Front brake pads surface
  • Rear brake pads surface
  • Brake pedal travel (Engine running. Too far? Too hard?)
  • Brake lines and fittings (rust, leaks)
  • Master cylinder (leak)
  • Brake fluid (air bubbles, level)


  • Headlights function (low beam, high beam, fog lights)
  • Tail lights function (low beam, brake lights)
  • Third brake light (function)
  • Indicators operation (Front, rear, side, mirrors)
  • Wipers and washer nozzle (windshield, rear window, headlights)
  • Interior lights (door open, door closed, glove compartment, doors, rear passengers)
  • Speedometer (Speedo, tachometer, trip counter, fuel gauge, water gauge, oil gauge)
  • Check stokes function
  • Cruise control (Dynamic test)
  • Battery voltage (car switched OFF, car switched ON W/FULL LOAD & W/O FULL LOAD)
  • Seats adjustment
  • Sunroof Check
  • Soft Top Check
  • Hardtop Check
  • Blinds Check
  • AC control unit
  • Radio
  • Infotainment screen
  • Windows operation (Check one-touch operation)
  • Steering column operation


  • Production date
  • Cracks
  • Tyre pressure values (ALL 4)
  • Dryness

At zDegree, we provide the best pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai service for our customers. Our expert technicians provide a 24-point vehicle inspection and report on any signs of previous mechanical issues, accidents, damage, etc. At zDegree, we follow a vehicle inspection checklist, and it includes the list of services held by our pre-purchase inspection mechanics. You can blindly trust our report because our pre-purchase inspection specialist did it honestly and provided an indication of upcoming mechanical work on your vehicle too.

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