PIRELLI Ultra High-Performance tyres made for the perfect ‘fit’, now at ZDegree - authorized dealer in UAE.

The power of a car might be under the hood, but it's the wheels that control the power. Pirelli’s PZero tyres have a legacy of being tailor-made for prestige car manufacturers through the years. Pirelli’s engineers work alongside the designers of top car OEM’s to get that ‘Perfect Fit’. Bespoke tyres that embody the essence of power and performance of the car. Pirelli’s PZero only adorns high-performance sedans, super sports cars, and dedicated track cars. If you are a proud owner of a racing machine on road - Porsche, Mclaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati or Bentley the best dealer in Dubai to buy the coveted Pirelli’s PZero tyres is Zdegree - Authorized Distributor of Pirelli’s superstar PZero tyres.

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