Michelin- The Intelligent Choice!

The Michelin Tyre Company Ltd, that was founded on 11th May 1905, is not just a tyre manufacturing company but is also a tyre industry training, economic development, and publishing company. Michelin tyres have an extensive sales force to support thousands of tyre distributors in the UK. The Michelin of the Middle East knows that great cars, and motorcycles, require great tyres, therefore the dealers of Michelin are stocked with the latest products. From driving through the city streets with SUV or dirt bike off-road, to taking the sports car or bike out for a spin, there’s something for everyone in Michelin!

The specialization of Michelin tires!

Michelin has been committed to producing sustainable green tires even before it became a standard in the Industry. They were the first to come up with the radial tire construction, which helped to reduce the tire rolling resistance by 30%. With silica-based tread compounds, they further decreased the rolling resistance by another 20%. MICHELIN's high-tech design incorporates a robust casing to permit safe driving. Be it on the highway or around congested city streets, the Michelin tyres offer an exceptional combination of safety, long-lasting tread wear, and fuel-efficiency. Tyres like Michelin Latitude provides you the balance of long wear life, comfort, traction, safety and luxury. Micheline also manufactures sports performance tyres derived from racing technology to allow you to drive on the road while giving you a power pack performance required for the track.

Why Choose Michelin tyres!

Michelin believes in flexibility and thus they design the tyres to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. They believe that each one should deserve pleasure while driving and thus people at Michelin do their best to make you feel the difference from the rest of the brands. Michelin commits to the values and respect for customers, people, shareholders, and thus offers the best product to the customers without compromising on quality. Michelin is known for its 4 qualities in the tyre world!

  • Deep understanding- they study the tyre usage and your driving needs, locally and around the world.
  • Material expertise- They combine over 200 elements to make up your tyre.
  • Design-They create multiple tyre designs and use simulations to choose the best tyre concepts to be developed.
  • Manufacturing excellence-They are the tyre expert who builds each tyre and invents their own machines if needed.

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Michelin Tyres