Metzeler, authentic two-wheel passion

The world of bike tyres or motorcycle tyres is largely fueled by passionate riders. They know the needs of their bike and the right bike tires to meet their expectations. Catering to this niche market filled with adventurers, racers, sporting riders and plain old bike enthusiasts is Metzeler - authentic two-wheel passion is bikers first and then they are producers of world-class motorcycle tyres. An easy choice for many riders across the spectrum of riders to racers is Metzeler tyres, these tires are opted by discerning customers for the performance they offer without compromising the safety and reliability factors. Metzeler tyres offer bike tires in various segments - Racing and sports, Touring, Cruising and heavy tourers. Adventure and touring, Off Roading and even the Scooter and moped segment. Dubai may be renowned for its love of fast cars, but it is equally famous for the love of superbikes and its ardent fans. Motorcycle riders may be few in numbers compared to car enthusiasts, and they have the zeal to purchase the best accessories and bike parts that enhance their street style riding or deliver above-par performance over the racing track. And we, at ZDegree, want to offer convenient buying options of Metzeler tyres for UAE’s riders so they could be assured of quality purchase and continued tire services.

Metzeler Tyres