Hankook- Drives your emotions at a new level !

Hankook is a leading global tyre company that provides sustainable solutions to deliver ultimate driving experience to customers. Hankook tyres bring an element of magic to everyday driving. Hankook tyres provide you the power to drive your emotions with the help of a solid technology called ‘Krontol technology”.

“K” of Krontrol Technology stands for “kinetic” and making Hankook tyres be in- demand is that they believe in bringing the car, driver and road at one point of interaction. Hankook uses Krontol Technology for the entire R&D and production process for all Hankook products. Besides providing joy of driving through performance, comfort and safety, Hankook products also are environmentally friendly to the consumers. From the extreme performance of the vehicle to the daily routine of driving children safely to school on a rainy day, this technology delivers. Always.

How Krontol Technology is enhancing Hankook tyre performance?

With the use of Krontol technology, tyre performance is enhanced with improved durability that maintains the best handling even at the worst driving conditions. Tyres of the car are designed based on this technology ensures the safety of both the car and the driver in all-terrain roads. Hankook tyres are designed to limit noise, vibrations, and harshness on the roads while providing the commuters with optimal driving experience. Hankook thoroughly analyses consumer demands and extracts useful data to develop tyres that satisfy the needs of drivers. For Hankook, the driver remains the top priority, which enables them to be always a step ahead making the true driving emotion possible.

What is so special about Hankook tyres?

Hankook tyres utilize a design system known as an “optimized contact patch”, that uses computer simulation to analyze the contact point between the road and tyre. The interior of the tyre consists of a layer of rubber with superior airtight quality that locks air inside the tyre. The rubber generally consists of synthetic rubber or a polyisoprene type.

Hankook uses carcass to protect the inner tube that is inflated with high-pressure air and thus supports the vehicle load. Its thick rubber layer, which is attached to the part of the tyre withstands exterior damage. At Hankook, tyre tread patterns are chosen according to car movement and stability needs. Hankook tyres have balanced pressure applied to the tread, in order to provide you with top performance and handling.

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Hankook Tyres