How does work?

  • Choose the tyre from the range of tyre brands
  • Select the convenient time and the proper fitting service nearest to your area OR Mobile Tyre Fitment service at your doorstep.
  • Pay for the selection
  • Receive the Tyre delivery

How can I pay the Mobile Tyre Fitment service charges?

While you select the Mobile Tyre Fitment service from Checkout page at that time you will be charged with min. AED 200.00 per order.

How can I get information about the brands?

Please visit our brand section to explore more about the varieties we have covered so far.

How does my order get processed?

Once order placed, we give timely updates for every activity such as order dispatched, order shipped, order reached, the order will be delivered today and order delivered etc. through emails.

What is the cancellation policy?

Before the tyres installation, a customer can cancel the order provided the tyres are not at all used. A complete refund will be given to customer or credit in his/her account. We start the refund process within 48 hours and it may take 2-3 weeks to complete the process. If the customer cancels the order before the product is dispatched from the warehouse, it’s completely refundable order. Return of the goods should be solely customer’s responsibility. doesn’t charge anything like administration fee or cancellation process fee. For the returning goods related various pricing details, please contact our customer care. If the products are purchased at special discounts or offers, they can’t be returned.

What is the bifurcation of the total price?

Our tyre prices are included in a VAT. Also, depending on the other services availed, the pricing can vary as per tyre fitting, balancing, disposal of old tyres, tyres swapping from front to rear, valve replacement etc.

What are the payment options available at

You can pay using Visa or Master Card. Plus, we have come up with ‘cash on delivery’ and ‘credit card on delivery’ options, too.

Can I pay at the time of delivery?

Yes, we accept cash or credit card at the time of delivery or fitting both.

Is it possible to have my tyres fitted today itself?

We have 48 hours’ time duration policy. As per the area, we give a tentative timeline to the customers. It can get less but can’t be extended. But subject to the availability and the feasibility, we do provide quicker tyre fitting service.

How can I locate the nearest tyre fitting service?

We are equipped with mobile vans, so rather you come to us, we will come to you. Moreover, we have provided the list of fitting service locations on the website itself.

How can I figure out wheel alignment?

If you have been driving a car for a long time, without proper service, then you should go today for wheel alignment. This is important if you feel that car is losing the track. This causes major problems like drifting when you are following a straight road and decreases the lifetime of the wheels. The wheel alignment professional will adjust the angles of the wheel. By this, wheels will be equally perpendicular to each other. Professional believes that wheel alignments can save fuel consumption and increase the speed. Experts can give you full results of a test like worn parts, and how much alignment needed. These results can differ a lot form the results of rare alignment (if you have the option).

How can I check my tyre size?

Every tyre’s sidewall contains the information of the tyre especially tyre size is printed there. It consists of the series of alphabets and numbers.

What is tyre labeling score?

A tyre can be scored based on the criteria: 1. Wet Grip It comes in a range from A to F where A means the highest performance and F is the least performing one. 2. Rolling Resistance Ranging from A to G, where A means highest fuel efficiency and G means lowest one. 3. External Noise Measured in decibels (DB), where three sounds mean a normal condition, two means a tyre needs care and one means really bad condition.

What’s the significance of speed rating while buying a new tyre?

The maximum speed the tyre can handle is called the speed rating. The tyre experts always advise not to downgrade the speed rating of your tyre. While buying a new tyre, it’s recommended to buy a tyre that matches the speed rating.

What is the importance of load index in tyre life?

The load index shows the tyre’s maximum limit to carry the load. The higher index means the greater load carrying capacity of the tyre. For example, if the load index is 80, the carrying capacity is 450.

What are tread wear, traction performance, and temperature resistance?

The tread wear is the comparative measure. It means the capacity of the tyre to last long compared to other tyres. If one tyre’s tread wear is 400, it means it can last double then the tyre with a rating of 200. The traction performance means the tyre’s capacity to sustain against wet pavement. It’s measured with grades like AA, A, B, and C, Where AA means the highest capacity and C means the lowest one. The temperature resistance means the tyre’s capacity to withstand the heat in such a high-temperature Arabian climate. It’s measured in A, B and C grades where A means the highest and C means the lowest. It’s always recommended to use only A and B grade tyres in the Gulf countries.

What is UTQG?

UTQG is Uniform Tyre Quality Grading System. In UAE, every tyre contains this information under a smart RFID tag. It’s actually a combination of three grades – treadwear grade, traction grade, and the temperature grade.

How can I know Tyre’s manufacturing date?

Before reaching to the vehicle, a tyre may stay for a good amount of time at a warehouse. So it’s important to know its manufacturing date. On the sidewall, the date is written with four digits. First two digits show the number of week and other two digits shows a year. For an example a code is 2316, it means the tyre is manufactured in the 23rd week of the year 2016. On the website itself, we show the mfg. date of a tyre. As per regulatory authority ESMA, you can’t use the tyre with the date of production more than 5 years. But if your average kilometers per year are 30, to 40,000 then it’s ok to buy a 2-year-old tyre because the tyre would be used maximum before 5 years. As per the usage of the tyre, you can buy the tyre with the correct date of the production accordingly.

What are the signs that indicate replacing the old tyres?

Tyre replacement time can’t be determined with the period of usage. By examining the tyres, you can do it. There are several signs, Examine Thread and Wear If the tyre shows cracks or limited tread depth outside or even looks like worn out, you should make it checked at the nearest service center. Make the car inspected at regular intervals If it’s been 3 years for the tyres, the regular inspection for the tyre should happen monthly. Road and Transport authority offers this inspection when you go for the renewal of the car. Anyhow, Replace after 5 years As per the UAE laws, the tyre should be replaced after 5 years completion from the date of manufacturing. For both installed and spare tyres, you need to replace.

Is it okay to use replacement tyres than original equipment (OE) tyres?

It depends on your driving comfort and the climate situations. Normally OE tyres when installed at the time of making a vehicle serves the purpose. But you can explore the wide range of tyres matching the same model of your tyre. If your requirements are unique, then exploring is not a bad idea and if you are happy with the OE tyres, then going for the same is recommended.

What is the right way to select the tyres?

Everything depends on your usage whether you are into speeding, off-road driving, quiet ride or small distance driving and much more. You can list out some tyres that match your criteria and your tyre’s model, then compare them by price, quality, wear, and tear etc. to finalize the one.

What is the ideal tyre pressure?

Please check the vehicle’s owner manual for the correct pressure conditions. GCC regulatory bodies have made mandatory to have information stick to ‘B-pillar’ by the driver’s side door. If the car doesn’t have ‘B-pillar’, it can be placed at the driver’s side door’s rear edge. If not at these places, the information can be placed at inward facing surface next to driver’s seat, the driver’s doorjamb, fuel filter door lid or the glove box.

What is over inflation and under inflation?

The temperature fluctuates in Arabian countries and due to that the tyre’s wear and tear get increased. This means the tyre is under inflation. This makes a huge impact on the steering. Moreover, the rolling resistance gets increase and due to that fuel consumption happens more. When the temperature increases, the tyre pressure gets increased up to 3-5 psi and this reduces the grip of the tyre with the road. This is called for inflation. If the air increases more than a certain level, the tyre can explode, too.

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