EBC Brakes is a world leader in the manufacture of disc brake components. Expanding rapidly in the automotive industry, EBC Brakes has become a world leader in sport, high performance and race brake pads and discs with a massive trademark range of products. We are proud to sell EBC Brakes in Dubai.

Use the below Brake selector chart and choose the best brake pad and disc combination for your car

Driving Style Best Pads Best Discs
Every day driver vehicle requiring quality pad option Ultimax D series
Spirited street use Greenstuff 2000series D series
Lower dust upgrade pads for faster street use Redstuff USR series
Low dust pad for prestige street use cars Redstuff D series
Highest friction pad with medium dust rating with non-slotted disc option for best brakes and fast stops at speed Yellowstuff D series
Trackday pad also fine for faster street use, some fitments R90 approved only Bluestuff D series
4x4 upgrade pad with wide slot GD discs for better venting Greenstuff 6000 Series GD series
Highest friction pad and GD wide slot discs for maximum stopping and best heat ability under loads and towing Yellowstuff GD series
Full track use only - not for road use Orange stuff D series


Ultimax2 OEM Quality Pads

Worlds first fully ECO friendly pad

  • Environmentally friendly containing zero sulphides
  • Meets or exceeds all OEM pad friction levels
  • Superb "Bite" from cold
  • Higher temperature threshold
  • Lowest dust pad in EBC range
  • Superb pad life
  • Complete with wear leads as per OEM spec.

The Ultimax pad is a true feat of engineering with more bite and brake feel than any pad you are likely to try. With a pad matrix free of any ingredients, like all EBC pads these are a futuristic pad blend that considers the environment yet delivers great brake performance at a fraction of manufacturer pad prices. Again fitted with chamfers and dust slots and the EBC Brake-InTM coating these pads are not normally shimmed as this material runs silent without. Pads work great in both cold-wet and hot climates.

Redstuff Ceramic Super Street Pads

  • Higher temperature threshold
  • Lowest dust pad in EBC range
  • Superb "Bite" from cold
  • Superb pad life
  • Complete with wear leads as per OEM spec

Surely one of the finest fast street brake compounds ever designed, the latest EBC Redstuff Ceramic compound with its high friction and low dust features is extremely popular on prestige cars and faster/higher horsepower vehicles for spirited street driving. These pads deliver good stopping power from cold and continue to impress under all aspects of heavy braking. Fully R90 street legal.

Bluestuff NDX Race Material Pads

The new all singing, all dancing Bluestuff NDX pads are widely available. This material is a fast street pad capable of Track Day and race use. Bluestuff NDX new formula are heat scorched for faster bedding, feature deep vee grooves for debris control and are firmly attached to the backplates with multi through-molded spigots and a super strong chemical interlayer.

With the highest friction available pushing 0.7μ the Bluestuff NDX has grip from cold whilst having a high temperature threshold for race driving.

Greenstuff 2000 & 6000 Series Pads

  • First level upgrade pad for general street applications
  • High friction for better braking
  • Meets or exceeds brake levels of any OEM pad
  • Fully R 90 approved

Greenstuff 2000 series is a world number one selling sport upgrade pad for lighter cars and sport compacts/hot hatches and provides a 15% friction level improvement on brakes over standard parts yet still within R90 limits and therefore fully street legal. A heavier duty 6000 Greenstuff range is offered for the 4WD market. Both compounds feature the EBC Brake-InTM coating for fast pad seating after install.

Yellowstuff “R” Pads

  • Highest friction pad in EBC range, this is an OEM PLUS pad
  • Delivers more bite and enhances brakes on any vehicle
  • Superb choice for street and off road environments
  • Gives superb brake control

Yellowstuff is the EBC flagship material for better braking on 4WD and fast road cars alike, fully R90 approved and a great brake upgrade for all vehicles. The pads have highest heat capability and work well in cold and wet driving also. Pads are fitted with shims and chamfers for totally silent braking and feature the unique EBC Brake-InTM coating for fast seating of the pads after installation.

Orangestuff Race Material Pads

This is the new full race material pad from EBC Brakes. Featuring the same chemical interlayer system as the EBC Bluestuff NDX range, suitable for heavy duty race use.

This amazing material grips with approximately 0.5μ from first brake and never drops below 0.4μ. These pads DO NOT FADE!!

IMPORTANT - This material is NOT EUROPEAN STREET LEGAL and therefore cannot be used to drive your car to the track.


EBC Brake Rotors

EBC is proud to be one of the only companies selling a British manufactured brake disc. These discs are made in our own casting foundry in the UK from a unique material called “discalloy”. The high quality grey iron includes copper to increase thermal conductivity and wear properties. This is an OE quality replacement disc, the perfect replacement disc for any car.

BSD Series Blade Discs

The new blade discs are available for front and rear fitments. The unique blade slot design removes hot gases from the heart of the braking zone quicker and more effectively than a uni-directional slot keeping brakes cooler and pads flatter whilst the multiple overlap of slots reduces brake wind noise.

GD Series Grooved & Dimpled Brake Discs

Featuring British made high quality castings these GD discs have wide aperture grooves that dispel dirt, dust and water better than any design and are a superb choice for off road and street driving alike. These discs run cooler and ensure flat and parallel pad wear to improve braking but these discs DO MAKE certain disc noise which for some people is an important consideration. If disc wind noise is totally unacceptable to you, please opt for our USR or D series discs. Many performance drivers however, do choose the GD series because of its outstanding benefits in cooling and cleaning vehicle brakes in the pad contact area. GD series are gold zinc anodised for looks and corrosion protection.

EBC Brakes