Continental Tyres- Designed to protect you!

Continental tyres, founded in 1871, is a German multinational company that manufactures efficient and performance-oriented tyres for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers. It is the world’s leader for tire production, having a wide variety of product ranges suitable for use in different conditions and applications. Through continuous investment in research and development, Continental tyres are making a significant contribution to secure cost-effective and eco-friendly mobility!

The Specialization of Continental tyres:

Manufacturers work on developing new technologies to improve and enhance tire performance. Continental tires are the trusted choice for many because of their unparalleled performance. These tyres are equipped with ContiSeal technology, a viscous layer of adhesive within the tire, that prevents deep punctures from deteriorating the tire structure. These tyres are designed with a dedicated air-filled ring of rubber that comes up in many shapes and forms, resulting in delivering excellent grip in tough terrain conditions. The tread pattern of these tyres has deeper grooves that maximize the contact patch with the road, providing the customers with rolling resistance, superior braking, greater fuel efficiency, and less road noise when they drive. From sports vehicle to family vehicle, continental tires are the best buy to avoid getting distracted and bothered by the excessive road buzz as the manufacturers ensure to supply these tyres with :

  • Shorter stopping distance.
  • Increased coupling stability.
  • Precise steering.
  • Better load cycle changes.
  • Sportier driving comfort.
  • Improved lane changes.
  • Better looks.

Why choose Continental tires?

Customers’ safety is the top priority, and when it comes to road safety, drivers need the right tyres for optimum performance on all surfaces. Thus, the engineers work closely with customers to develop and deliver a range of finished products of tires that have the capacity to handle the increased speeds, and brakes, of all the vehicles. All continental tyres have to pass an intense testing regime before going into production. These tires are rated top performers in tests and have been voted as the best tire brand of the year several times by the German motorist association. Thus, the Continental technologies, systems and service solutions are proud of manufacturing such tyres that make mobility and transport more sustainable, safer, more convenient, more customized, and more affordable. Getting the original continental tyres online is time-consuming and tedious. Thus, if the drivers are looking for such quality wheels of continental tyres in and around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain, they can avail them today at the leading tyre shop ZDEGREE.

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Continental Tyres