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Keeping a car clean might seem a bit obvious, but below we share why your vehicle should always be in top-top condition.

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Car Clean

  • It’s Safer – Accidents can happen at any time and dirty windows reduce visibility. All cars have blindspots which makes it hard to view cars at time, and visibility is reduced even further it’s your vehicle is dirty as well.
  • It’s Healthier – The average person spends around 10 hours in a car every week, so think of it as another room of your house. So it’s important to not have it clean but also de-sanitized regularly, especially your AC system.
  • Paint Preservation – Washing and waxing your car isn’t an optional luxury in UAE. With the harsh sunlight and temperature, it’s mandatory as direct sunlight, dust and grime negatively affect your car’s paint. Remember, paint also protects the metal underneath so it also extends the life of your bodywork. So getting your car polished regularly protects your paint which in turn protects your car.
  • Looks Good – Nothing makes you smile more than a clean car.


No matter how clean your car looks from the outside or inside, it may still contains small dirt particles and unseen germs. If not washed regularly, they can make your car’s exterior and interior look old. Stains on a car’s interior get darker, prominent and stubborn over time. Hence, your car needs to have a deep interior and exterior cleaning with steam vapor regularly so that all bacteria and odors are eliminated.

We offer detailed car wash services in Dubai that includes interior upholstery, eliminating bacteria or odors, carpet and surfaces cleaning with OEM quality equipment and car washing agents which leave your car shiny and clean while being gentle on your car.

We are a proud tyre shop in Dubai which offer the best car wash price in Dubai.

At zDegree, we use high-pressure water ejectors and bio-degradable shampoos to wash your car in the most efficient and safe way. Once your car is clean and has no debris, we go ahead and apply polish & wax. This ensures your car gets a glossy and wet look. We also use soft brushes and the lightest chemicals to ensure car interior cleaning is done without degrading the quality of your interior products. A comprehensive deep cleansing is performed along with a seat removal to ensure that all stains, grime and dust/dirt are removed. We use a suite of premium products to achieve the best cleaning performance for your upholstery and cabin area.

In a desert metropolis like Dubai, if your car wash service is long due, then your vehicle’s exterior becomes susceptible to the hot, rough and scorching weather which can potentially cause the peeling, fading and cracking of car paint. In this condition, if you opt for a car polishing service Dubai, then it applies a thin layer of protection on your car and ensures that the rough weather won’t affect your car. We also offer car body painting services at all our garages.

Make your Vehicle Shine Bright with zDegree Car Wash Service in Dubai.

If you are residing in Dubai and also looking to get car wash services in Dubai, then zDegree is the top service garage in UAE to get your car wash service or other car services. We have workshops in Al Ain and Dubai so wherever you are in UAE, all you need to do is search for “cheap car wash near me” and then tap at zDegree where our professional cleaners will provide a quick detailing and sanitation of your car to ensure your vehicle is back to showroom condition look. We also offer detailing packages where we do multi step car polishing and waxing ensuring your car continues to look great and is well protected against the harsh elements.

Best Car Wash Garage

You will often see many car garages in Dubai, but what makes us best car wash garage is our full-fledged services and state of the art car service center Abu Dhabi and other car service centers in Dubai. “zDegree” stands taller among its competitors by offering best range of car services and competitive prices. At zDegree, we have experienced technicians who can perform service on any American, German, Korean, European and Italian automobile brand. Visit zDegree today to avail car wash service or any other service and our professional service providers will assure that you have come to the best car wash garage in UAE.

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