Car Inspection

Having a vehicle in the UAE is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity as it enables you to visit all the incredible landmarks and places. Not everyone can afford a brand-new vehicle, and buying a second-hand car comes with a lot of potential risk. That’s why it is absolutely necessary for you to get your car inspected in Dubai.

You should always make sure your vehicle inspection in Dubai is done by a certified technician who has state-of-the-art tools at a specialist workshop so they can properly inspect and diagnose your potential next car, giving you a detailed report so you have a clear idea of the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection

At zDegree, we understand that buying a used car is a big deal, which is why we have vehicle inspection centers all around the UAE. Each of our workshops has a dedicated car inspection station where we run a detailed, over 80-point car inspection where we check your engine, HVAC, drivetrain, brakes, electrical systems and more. All our technicians have a Pre-Purchase Checklist (PPC) where each car is manually checked and graded. Once the detailed report is completed, our technician will have a one-on-one with you where they will walk you through the report and highlight any major red flags.

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