Bronze Maintenance Package

Our services packages are designed so you remain worry free about your car service. Instead of worrying at each service interval, about your next service, with our service contract your service is covered for 20,000 km or 1 year. Our qualified technicians at our service centers in Al Quoz, DIP and CIty Walk only use OEM parts and Shell oil ensuring your car gets the best service possible, while also helping you save in the long run.

Bronze Maintenance Package

1 Years | 20,000 KM

What is included in the
Bronze Maintenance Package?

2 services are included at every 10,000 km interval or 6 months, whichever occurs first.

During each visit:

  • Oil change (fully synthetic 10,000km) with an OEM oil filter replacement
  • All vehicle fluids are checked and topped up including transmission and drivetrain.
  • 82-point car inspection and detailed report
  • Tire rotation (if applicable)
  • Wheel balancing (if applicable)
  • Wheel alignment check
  • Exterior car wash and interior car vacuum

Also included in our
Bronze Maintenance Package

  • 1x Engine air filter replacement
  • 1x A/C freon gas recharge
  • 1x Battery replacement
  • 1x Pair of wiper blades

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Bronze Maintenance Package (or BMP) scope is valid of 20,000 km or 1 year, whichever occurs first.
  • All parts used in the BMP are OEM quality manufactured parts.
  • The BMP covers ONLY the specified maintenance inclusive of labor, parts and consumables used according to the maintenance schedule of the vehicle. Any out-of-scope items such as tires, hoses, engine flushing, etc. would be subjected to extra charges
  • Vehicles under BMP must be brought in for service as per the recommended service interval (within +/- 500 kms). Failure to do so may revoke the vehicle’s BMP
  • Vehicle condition pre and post BMP is not the liability of zDegree. A comprehensive Pre-Purchase Check (PPC) is recommended at a nominal extra fee to be carried out for the vehicle
  • BMP contracts are:
    • Non-refundable, partially or fully.
    • Non-transferable to any other vehicle under the client’s name or otherwise.
  • BMP covers standard equipment parts only. Eg. all aftermarket/tuning/modified spare parts installed on the vehicle before purchasing the BMP are not included
  • BMP contract payment terms are 100% payment in advance
  • zDegree reserves the right to charge any additional and unforeseeable government fee(s) and tax(es) during the validity period of the BMP contract which may be imposed by the Government of UAE.
  • Vehicle issues reported during safety inspections under BMP that are rejected by the client will void any warranty given on BMP replaced items.
  • Vehicle Issues after safety Inspections under BMP must be reported by the client to a member of the zDegree team. where the vehicle can be checked for the Issue and a solution given with mutual understanding.
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