Zeetex Tires: Designed to make your journey of life simpler

You could always trust an in-house brand to deliver on the promises made on it. Zafco, one of the world’s leading distributors of tires, batteries and lubricants, has created a factory to your floor format of tire distributions, which includes design and manufacturing in-house through state of the art well-equipped factories located in Thailand and Indonesia. Distributing the tires all over the world to 85 countries through their strong network, down to creating retailing chain like our very own ZDegree where consumers can directly buy from a retailer of Zafco itself. Thus completing the loop of tire production and making sure it gets to the right audience. One such tire brand manufactured, distributed, and sold directly through the retail chain is the Zeetex.

Zeetex tires are Zafco’s initiative to provide premium class quality of tires, with enhanced stability, superior dry and wet traction, reduced pipe resonance for added driving comfort and precision steering control yet at a pocket-friendly price.

The best place to get great deals on  Zeetex tires in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is ZDegree’s portal. Zeetex service centre cum tire shops are located in 8 different places all over the UAE. They have gone beyond retailing for Zeetex tires and have set up ultra-modern advanced car care and service centre, completely equipped with modern equipment needed to service the top-line luxury and sports car in the UAE.  

ZDegree is also a pioneer in the business of selling tires online for Zeetex brand. You name it and they will have all the models available at the best prices which nobody else can offer. Consumers like you can pick any Zeetex tires out of their large repository of passenger car tires; SUV and 4X4 segment tires and even in the light truck and desert tire range.

One of the top tires in the Passenger Car segment with increased performance along with a bang for the buck is the HP2000 vfm. VFM itself means Value For Money. Zeetex has designed this tire for consumers who love to adorn their cars with premium tire but are limited by their budget. With the reinforced design, the sidewall is strengthened, yet the tire is still flexible so it can deliver the needs of a high performing vehicle – like quick and stable steering at very high speeds, deliver excellent traction and resist aquaplaning, keep the car stable with reduced noise.

Asymmetric tread patterns are found in High performing tires. Aerodynamics of the Zeetex tires is increased due to the traverse grooves which allow for unrestricted airflow. The longitudinal grooves protect the car from aquaplaning, the grooves create independent zones for quick water and sludge evacuation. Serrations on the groove reduce the pipe resonance giving you an ultra-silent tire. Precision maneuvering at high speeds is achieved by the strong shoulder blocks.

Another top variant in the SUV segment is the AT1000. An aggressively designed tire for your SUV or the 4X4 drive vehicle, which allows for unrestricted driving experience through any terrain. The AT1000 achieves this with incorporating unique foundational construction – a cap based construction. It allows for exceptional driving comfort, greater handling due to special base rubber that lets it hold the grip no matter the terrain –  be it on a regular road or off-road conditions. Enhancing the dry grip are the coupling blocks, they also deliver superior steering response. The sipes designed into the tread blocks offer really good traction on wet conditions.

The dynamic and aggressive block design lets you veer off the beaten track through all types of terrain, yet still reducing the noise and improving the comfort inside.

Buy tires from its very own retail – Zdegree. You will be spoilt for choices along with getting great value for money. Guaranteed!

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