Pirelli Tyres: The World Leader in Premium Tyres

Pirelli has been a name taken parallelly amongst the greats in the auto sector. Their name and tyres are synonymous with premium tyres, are considered the ultimate embodiment of quality in tyres.

It is no wonder that the most premium and prestigious car manufacturers partner with Pirelli Tyres to emphasize or bring out the best performance of their cars that makes driving a sheer pleasure. 

And due to this association of the Prestigious car makers with the Prestigious Tyre makers, Pirelli Tyres in Dubai finds itself at home in the uber-luxurious car owners market. Their presence is greatly welcomed by the consumers, who are always looking for the best in everything for them and their cars.

Pirelli Tyres are highly invested in bringing the next new tyre technology to the market. They have a long-standing tradition of being the pioneers in this arena. Keeping with this,  Pirelli tyres have more than 6500 patents and in 2018, they spent €219 million on Research and Development.

Their revolutionary tyre technology focuses on the safety and security aspects of the tyres. One of the major tyre-related road hazards is when you have a Flat tyre. Pirelli  Tyres services through its technology, even in the case of a puncture you can afford to drive your car to safety, without bringing your journey to a complete halt.

Pirelli Tyres Dubai, Abu Dhabi Al-Ain: Tyre Technology includes

  •  Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat™ 

Special reinforcements are provided within the tyre walls to ensure stability, lateral and traverse loads are borne even without tyre pressure. So, you could drive your car or the SUV for another 80kms at an 80kmph speed. 

  • Pirelli’s Seal-Inside Technology

Keeps the vehicle running even at the event of a tyre puncture through an external object piercing through, a special sealant envelopes the object, restricting airflow. Thereby ensuring that the tyre doesn’t lose air pressure. This could easily avoid 85% of the possible cause of road accident by a sudden loss in air pressure. 

Pirelli tyres services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain can be easily availed at ZDEGREE’s 8 different Pirelli tyre service centres in any of these cities in the UAE. 

Pirelli tyres OE marked for BMW with run-flat technology are bring out BMW’s Sheer Driving Pleasureto life.


Pirelli’s environment-conscious ‘Green Performance’ tyre. Created with the purpose to reduce carbon footprint by incorporating hybrid material for even wear, improved safety and comfort on all road surfaces with optimised tread design with specific pitch sequence. The CINTURATO™ P7 guarantee savings and performance.


P ZERO™ New is the unique Ultra-High-Performance product combining Pirelli’s knowledge gained from competitive Motorsport with Pirelli’s alliance with the top car manufacturers, granting the perfect fit for the performance of each car. New P ZERO™ has a range developed with the most prestigious OEMs that are able to meet any customisation needs in terms of size, technology and seasonality.

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