PIRELLI TIRES – What are OE Marked Tires and Are They Important?

Pirelli OE Marked Tires

Original Equipment (OE) marked tires are tires made for a specific vehicle’s make or model. It’s not just adding a simple label but a lot of research and testing goes into it. When a vehicle manufacturer is making a new car, they start looking at tire patterns that best suit the car’s needs. More often than not, they find something that’s almost perfect except it might need greater noise isolation, stronger sidewall for better handling, stickier compound, etc. This is when they collaborate with the tire manufacturer in creating a bespoke version of a particular tire pattern. Think of it like buying a ready-made suit or a custom tailor made suit. Depending on the need, you choose one or the other. The collaboration isn’t as simple as slapping a badge but all new testing, certifications, etc.

About Pirelli and Pirelli OEM Tires

Pirelli is ranked at the 7th number as a top tyre manufacturer besides its main competitors including Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Roadstone and Hankook. Moreover, Pirelli tyres service deals in the 3 main categories which include car tyres, motorcycle tyres and cycle tyres with its operations expanded in 160 countries. Pirelli focuses on making ultra-high-performance tyres that are made especially for the perfect fit.

Pirelli, a tire brand since 1872 is a favorite amongst consumers and vehicle manufacturers because of their over 150+ years of experience. When a vehicle manufacturer approaches them, they spend over 3 years collaborating with the vehicle manufacturer ensuring that Pirelli spends over 3 years collaborating creating prototype tires, experimenting with different compounds, builds and tweaks to patterns and lots of testing on the prototype vehicle. With each testing, Pirelli takes detailed feedback and goes back to the drawing board refining the tire even further, to make sure that in the end it not only meets but exceeds the requirements by the vehicle manufacturer.

Why is Pirelli a Preferred Tire Choice by Car Manufacturers?

Pirelli is a preferred choice of premium and prestige car manufacturers. Due to its perfect fit strategy, Pirelli has gained 60% of prestige cars market and produces made-to measure tires tailored specially for car’s technical demands. Pirelli focuses on its personalization strategy for different types of vehicles and Color Edition for desirable cars like Porsche and BMW. Pirelli has different OE Markings for each prestigious car manufacturing brand. In 1980s, Pirelli first developed OE marked tyres in synergy with Porsche. Pirelli is the preferred top car manufacturer to develop OE marked tyres so that perfect tyres for their cars are ensured. Pirelli designs OE tire markings to suit the dynamic personality of each car model which makes it a top preference of car manufacturers.

Pirelli Tires at zDegree

Importance of Porsche Marked Tires for Porsche, and BMW Marked Tires for BMW

Porsche and BMW as famous and reliable tire brands realize that tires for each car model should be customized. For luxurious car owners like Porsche and BMW, getting the OEM marked tires is crucial to ensure handling, performance and safety to customers. Porsche and BMW OEM marked tires also differ in the rubber composition, testing methods and geometry. These tires are efficient at consuming fuel because their reduced rolling resistance helps to decrease the CO2 emissions as well as saves fuel. OE tire markings for BMW are indicated by Star, which show the highest BMW standards. It also shows reliability of tires because at the end, tires have the direct contact with the road. The N-rated tires also contain noise classification feature which gives information regarding the external noise level of tires. The OE marking is directly linked to the safety of car through compatible tires on any road surface. BMW ensures that all its OE Star Marked tires are tailor made, tested and safe by passing them through severe testing of up to 50 various quality checks and criteria. For BMW, Pirelli denotes OE marking by star. For Porsche, Pirelli has various OE markings comprised of N0, N1, N2, N3, N4 & N5 for All Vehicles Pre-2019, NA0 & NA1 for 911 Model and NF0 for Taycan.

Range of Tyres Offerred at zDegree

With the highest concerns of car manufacturers on maintaining quality, safety and compatibility of car tires and parts, zDegree also encourages the efforts of these brands by offering OE marked tyres for all prestigious cars at zDegree service centres and garages.

Also, zDegree offers a range of tires at its service centres comprised of Off-Road & Light Truck Tires, H.D. Light Truck Tires, Temporary Spare Tires, Family Sedans and Vans, Supercars and Hypercars, and Sport Sedans & Coupes to cater all its customers. All these types of tires are OE marked and represent different Miles and Kilometers to ensure your car gets best suited tire.

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