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One of the most important parts of any vehicle is the tires. Because tires are the only part actually touches the floor and makes the car accelerates, stop and turn. Without tires, the whole car is immobilized. The tire supports 1/4 of the total weight of the car. Different cars require different tires. Make sure that you buy correct tires for your vehicle. Tire provides half of the vehicle suspension. Zdegree is one of the best tyre dealers in dubai. We has years of experience in automotive industry. Zdegree has a huge collection of brand tires in dubai like bridgestone, continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, zeetex, and roadstone…etc. Our expert helps you to choose correct tires for your vehicle.

Qualities of good tires

  • Ensure Better Safety
  • Give Better Traction
  • Provide Better Gas Mileage
  • Deliver Better Performance on Road
  • Comfortable Drive

Tyre features

Tyre features directly listed on tyres using a code such as P215/65R15 95H. It is an international format that tyre manufactures label for different features of tires. Once buyer can understand the code of the tires, then you can select the right tires for your vehicle. Here experts from zdegree explain about tire features.

  • Passenger or Light truck

In this code “P” stands for Passenger. Some SUVs and truck use “LT” that is Light truck. For example LT235/85R16 D 114/111Q. LT tyres are larger and durable than P tyres. But they are also more expensive. If the driver regularly hauls heavy load then our experts recommend LT tyres.

  • Size

The second portion is Width of the tyre. Here 215 is the tire width measurement in millimeters. Usually, performance tyres are very wide.

Next part indicates the aspect ratio of side wall height to tyre width. That means here side wall is 65 per cent tall as the thread is wide.

Another portion is a letter followed by a number R15. Here R stands for radial-ply construction. While the 15 stands for the dimensions of a tyre in inches.  15 is a common size. If you want large rims Zdegree provides 18, 20 or 22 inches tyres.

  • Load Index

The fifth part indicates the Load index. This refers to how much weight the tyre can carry safely. A tyre with a load index of 95 can carry 690kg or 1521pounds. Never buy the tyres that have below recommended tyre load index.

  • Speed Rating

The last portion indicates the speed rating. Speed rating is that the maximum speed that the tyre can reach safely. Here code contains “H” which means the tyre can go up to 210km per hours safely.


Top tyre dealers in dubai || Zdegree

Zdegree is the best tyre dealers in dubai. We offer high quality brand tires to the customers. Zdegree has a well qualified expert team for to recommend correct tyres for your vehicles.  We provide online tire shopping service and mobile van service in dubai. We offer best tire services in dubai such as tire fitting, wheel balancing, tire air filling, and tire puncture repair…etc. Zdegree is the leading tire servicing company in dubai. We provide best quality brand tires at affordable price. Come to Zdegree and explore our services.



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