ZDegree’s Mobile Tire Garage – New Paradigm in Tire Services

The world is online! You can get anything you want, be it groceries, food, clothing, beauty services, education, taxi, entertainment, etc. But when it comes to your car and it’s service, you have to do it yourself, physically, fix an appointment to take the car to the garage in your busy schedule.
To alleviate your woes, to make your life easy and car services breezy, without hampering your schedule – ZDegree offers the 1st online mobile garage services in UAE.
ZDegree’s purple colored Mobile Tire Garage can be seen zipping through the roads of Dubai. Carrying within them the latest and advanced equipment for tire repair services and battery replacement services. Driven by our extremely professional and experienced mechanics who have a wealth of knowledge on servicing a variety of cars in different makes and brands.
Mobile Tire Garage has the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for the following services

  1. Tire Fitting
  2. Wheel Balancing
  3. Tire Nitrogen
  4. Tire Air Filling
  5. Tire Puncture Repair
  6. Battery Replacement

Some of the on-the-spot services rendered by ZDegree Mobile Tire Garage are,

Online tire purchase and installment through Mobile Tire Garage.
We are pioneers of online tire shopping in Dubai. All you need to do is look up theright tire for your needs, pay for them online, book an appointment to get them fitted toyour car anywhere – home, office, golf club or anywhere in between. ZDegree’s Mobile TireGarage will not only deliver your tires to wherever you are, but we will also do the tirefitting. Using latest European mounting and dismounting equipment new tires are fitted on to the rims, then Digital Wheel alignment is done and finally fitted on to your car.

Tire puncture services
Even if you haven’t purchased new tires from us. The Mobile Tire Garage offers other services like puncture assistance. Our garage on wheels has the right equipment and personnel to come to your aide, get the punctured tire removed, repaired, air/nitrogen filled in and then fitted to your car, wherever you are stranded.

Wheel Balancing
If you are at home or office and due to leave on a long journey in your car, then a minimum safety check would be to get the car’s wheel alignment done. In a time crunch, ZDegree’s Mobile Tire Garage will come to your doorstep where you are and get all your tires aligned and balanced. This is done using Digital Wheel Alignment equipment within the mobile garage.

Battery Replacement services
Apart from tires, ZDegree’s Mobile Tire Garage also takes care of your battery. If called in for a battery service issue, the Mobile Garage is fitted with Battery jump starting cables, that can put back life into your dead battery. Also, if the battery is beyond repair and needs replacement, then we are ready for that too. We carry a standard array of battery and based on your choice a new battery can also be replaced on the spot.

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