How To Take Care of Your Car Tyres

As a driver, you are responsible for a variety of tasks related to your vehicle. You keep an eye on the engine’s health, fuel economy, engine oil change, and other factors. The tyres, on the other hand, are often disregarded.

Your vehicle’s tyres are a vital component, and we’re not kidding. In order to relocate your car, you need to have a tow vehicle. People tend to overlook the state and health of their tyres, which is surprising.

Michelin tyres in Abu Dhabi

Micheline Tyres:

It’s no secret that Michelin tyres have earned a reputation for employing high-quality rubber to offer great fuel economy. Michelin is the best tyre brand for a variety of reasons. Truck tyres are typically referred to as the backbone of a large tyre firm.

Micheline tyres provide wet and dry braking performance, longevity, and acoustic technology which reduces the inner noise.

Pirelli Tyres:

There is no doubt that Pirelli Tyres is one of, if not the greatest, tyre manufacturers in the country. They offer a wide range of tyres that are ideal for any situation. They are designed to be multipurpose.

Pirelli tyres have been in existence for decades and are available in countries around the world. Continental tyres and Michelin tyres are their main rivals in the tyre industry. Although the tyres that they create are pricey, their high demand makes them a sought-after commodity for many.

When it comes to Research and Development, Pirelli tyres are renowned to invest heavily in/with:

  • The latest in high-tech modelling
  • Eco-friendly and innovative approach
  • Partners with famous automakers as suppliers

When you drive on Pirelli tyres, your vehicle will be steady in a variety of settings, even if there is a lot of torque. Summer through winter, rain or shine. This means your vehicle will respond faster to inputs with the best-maintained tyres. Circumventing it becomes much easier, and it will halt much more effectively when slowed down as a result of this.

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Tyre Maintenance Tips:


Tread failure is a result of under-inflation. Unnecessary stress on tyres leads to uneven wear, loss of control, and accidents as a result. Up to half of the air pressure can be lost in a tyre without it appearing flat


When you rotate your vehicle’s tyres on a regular basis, your tyres will wear uniformly. Tire rotation is recommended every 6,000–8,000 miles, unless your vehicle’s owner’s handbook specifies otherwise.


Having your front end thrown out of alignment by a pothole or curb might harm your tyres. Make sure your automobile is correctly aligned by having a tyre dealer check the alignment on a regular basis.


The capacity of the tread to grip the road under unfavorable conditions might be harmed by excessive and a typical wear. Keep an eye out on your tyres and watch for high and low spots or odd smoothness. Check for evidence of damage as well.

Proper tyre care is good for the planet.

Tyres that are underinflated waste gasoline. Inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency. In addition, consistent maintenance allows tyres to wear as much as possible, resulting in fewer tyre replacements.

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