Armstrong Tyres: everything you need to know.

A well-known tyre brand and fifth-largest tyre maker by the early 1960s. Armstrong is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. In today’s world, Armstrong is well-known for its excitement for new ideas, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality items manufactured by quality-conscious individuals. Armstrong Tyres have been enhancing mobility for almost a century, making them the best on the road.

To save the brand from extinction, ZAFCO bought it from Pirelli in late 1980s and rebuilt it from the ground up in 2012 as Pirelli UAE. To convert one of the most trustworthy and trusted American tyre companies into a premium new product offering, we have been working consistently since then. As part of the ZAFCO family of businesses, Armstrong Tires’ commitment to quality, value and safety has proven to be a natural fit.

Tyre Shop in Dubai
Tyre Shop in Dubai

Armstrong Tyres:

Tire shopping may be time-consuming, exhausting, and, in some situations, downright frustrating. For the majority of people, it’s just too difficult to choose between all the different brands. Finally, they give up and let someone else to make the decision. As an alternative, check out our Armstrong Tires review for a non-traditional approach.

Armstrong’s warranty is one of the client’s favourite features. It’s rare to find a tyre company that offers such a clear and accurate warranty. Apparently, it’s called the Tuff 360 Warranty. Yes, you will be covered for up to six years.

It is guaranteed that you will receive a replacement at no cost during the first year. However, you will have recourse in the case that they did not do their jobs properly in manufacturing them.

As a bonus, they offer free flat-tire reimbursement and roadside assistance services. In other words, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and stop worrying about it.

As an added bonus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. There are no questions asked if they’re not to your liking within that time frame. There aren’t many places where you can find something that big.

Because of this, you can tell Armstrong Tires is trying to keep things simple on their website. They are clearly using smart technology and features in their tyres. Otherwise, they simply would not live as long as they do.

This company’s warranty is one of the best you’ll ever come across. No corporation will issue a warranty that puts them at risk of failure. For example, you won’t find a two-year warranty on an item that is only supposed to last a year.

Because doing so is equivalent to taking money out of your pocket and burning it on fire, nobody would do that. Durability is a hallmark of Armstrong Tires. It’s unlikely that they’d offer you such a robust and sincere warranty if they didn’t.

Finding tyres might be a challenge. Other than those that are interested in this sort of thing, it is not really entertaining. The dull monotony, on the other hand, is more than worth it when you have Armstrong on your side. As a result of their warranty, you’re covered in spades. However, if they continue to build as they have recently, you wouldn’t be surprised if they return to the top of the tyre world once again.

zDegree Tires and Auto Services
zDegree Tires and Auto Services

zDegree offer a wide range of Pirelli Tyres and Armstrong Tyres with doorstep delivery and mobile van fitment service. Book an appointment today with zDegree experts.

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